Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Bolognese

One of my all time favorite meals is Bolognese, not sure how traditional Italian it is probably a British version based on how my Mum made it. Its easy to make only a few ingredients needed, and is wonderful to freeze to have on hand for times you have limited time to cook. A jar of sauce is really not needed :-)


  • one pack of extra lean minced beef (hamburger meat in the US)
  • 4 cloves of chopped garlic
  • one small onion chopped
  • about 5 chopped tomatoes, canned can also be used
  • a generous tablespoon of Italian herbs and 2 bay leaves
  • olive oil
  • about 10 sliced mushrooms 
  • 2 small diced carrots and any other vegetables I add for the extra nutritional value :-)

  1. brown the beef with garlic and onions for 5 minutes 
  2. add mushrooms and carrot and herbs for 3 minutes 
  3. add tomatoes, herbs and bay leaves and simmer on low for 30 minutes 
  4. its as simple as that!
  5. serve with spaghetti or any desired pasta 
Stephanie recommends - 

    • Stephanie Miskew Looove Bolognese! Perfect with a glass of Chianti Classico Riserva on a chilly December night - yum:)
      4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

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  1. Mmmm, looks really good Rebecca! This bolognese sounds delicious!

  2. Proof that simple is indeed best.

  3. This looks like a simple, flavorful & delightful one pot meal which are my abs fav.would love to try this one with minced chicken or lamb.

  4. What a delicious sounding, quick meal! Sometimes the simplest things really are the best. YUM :D

  5. This looks wonderful and perfectly hearty for cold weather, sometimes simple is best.

  6. bolognese is my fave too, only we Filipinos have sugar on our bolognese sauce yes we want it sweet and that's the Filipino bolognese for you haha!

  7. Un platito genial de pasta, me encanta.


  8. There is nothing better than a recipe that is simple and also tastes wonderful! This is one of those :) Delicious.

  9. Simple but delicous. Nothing better than simple, right?

  10. perfect quick meal (as well as comforting and delicious) this busy time of year!

  11. MMMMMMM, I am going to have to make this. Pasta Bolognese is one of my favorite Italian dishes. So far, the best I have had is at a little lakeside trattoria in Lenno.

  12. Rebecca,

    This is awesome meal. simple but always tasty.

  13. We all have our own version of bolognese sauce that our families love - simple things are best!

  14. Very yummy and quick to put together version!

  15. Catherine thanks
    Belinda oh for sure
    Velva i agree love simple
    Tanvi oh lamb would be good
    girlichef :-) true
    anncoo :-)
    Emily great for this time of year or any time he he
    Malou thats fun to learn from you
    Jose thanks
    Susan thanks so much
    Nisrine so true
    design wine and dine :-)
    peachkins yep sure is
    Elizabeth sounds wonderful
    swathi thanks
    shes cookin thats whats fab about cooking
    5 star foodie :-)

  16. Love that classic Italian pasta sauce! You are reminding me I need to make some.

  17. Recently, I used to make a huge batch of Bolognese sauce and freeze it up. It saves me a lot of time to prepare a fast meal at home. :)

  18. This is quite similar to the Italian version except they use pasatta. But mum's version is always the best!

  19. Bolognese is one of those dishes that tastes good no matter what! Love the simplicity of this recipe.

  20. Very similar to what I make.I always have the ingredients and it is whipped up in no time. This satisfies and proves that once again simple reigns over fussy!

  21. Sometimes simplest is the best. Your bolognese looks wonderful!

  22. Quick, easy & tasty. Best dish to make on a lazy Sunday!

  23. It sounds really good on this frigid day!

  24. Sounds quick and easy perfect for lazy evenings :)

  25. Wonderful! Bolognese is such a hearty and delicious meal. ;-)

  26. Looks so good; simplicity is sometimes the best.

  27. taste of beirut oh my fav
    little inbox great idea
    3 hungry tummies good to know
    Joanne thanks
    Claudia so happy that I make it like u
    sushma thanks
    beth aw thanks
    quay bo cooks :-)
    Teresa thanks Sommer :-)
    Ananda so true
    Deb :-)
    Rita thanks



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