Pumpkin Cupcakes and Give Back

I made these super easy pumpkin cupcakes last week, loved the color and so moist. I am slowly improving at baking you all inspire me to keep trying have a long way to go but as they say practice makes perfect :-)

Have a wonderful start to the week, everyone 


  • a little butter for greasing
  • 8 oz self raising four
  • pinch of salt
  • 3 -4 oz of sugar
  • 2 eggs 
  • one cup of milk
  • 1/2 a can pureed pumpkin 
  • 4 tablespoon of butter


  1. cream butter and sugar together
  2. then mix in eggs, milk, and pumpkin and flour 
  3. add to cupcake paper cups and bake at 350 for 10-15min until firm
These were great, a fun orange color and super moist.

Tis the Season - To give, I have decided through the month of December to give 10 cents for every 99 cent Chow and Chatter recipe app to World Vision Hunger charities to do my little part.....

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  1. I just tweeted about how food in America was another case of the haves and have nots. Most of us food bloggers can afford to shop at WF or FMs and buy organic and sustainable, but many people cannot. I've recently read some very interesting articles on this subject and am formulating a post in mind about it. What a wonderful gesture on your part. Happy holidays to you and your family (cute hearing the baby in the background:)

  2. Way to go Rebecca! Love it! Still don't have an iphone but I'll pass the news.

    Dear Santa - I need to new cell phone!

  3. I just cannot get enough pumpkin products lately and these look delicious - as most everything on your blog! How generous of you to donate a portion of your proceeds from the app - very inspiring:)

  4. So moist, you don't even need frosting. We've had our share of pumpkin treats lately, that's for sure.

  5. Rebecca...lovely recipe...and great pictures :-)

  6. Wow...I love this. It looks so moist, beautiful and delicious. Well Done, Rebecca! By the way, you can sure use my blueberry orange cake :) Your generosity is very inspiring. God bless you abundantly!

  7. shes cookin thanks and look forward to your post
    design wine and dine hope you get one :-) you will love it
    Stephanie aw thanks your so sweet
    the duo dishes he he i agree and better without the frosting
    Juliana thanks so much
    Mary thanks and no its not much really but who knows in future God willing I can do more :-)

  8. Rebecca great idea...we are so fortunate...very kind of you to donate a portion of your sales.

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    These look delicious!! Great recipe!
    I love the picture, too :)
    Thanks so much for the follow.
    I am now following you back.

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    Betty :)

  10. Se ven deliciosos los cupcakes.


  11. this pumpkin cupcakes sound healthy and good! You are so kind to donate a portion, God bless you!

  12. WOW Rebecca! I love the color of this pumpkin cupcakes, looks so beautiful and moist.

  13. Practice does make perfect-- I'm that way with cooking! I'm a better baker than I am a cook, but learned quickly that one cannot survive (or live past the age of 30) on brownies and pound cake :) They look delicious, and an excellent decision to donate to charity. Any charity would probably also like some of these cupcakes to spread holiday cheer-- just sayin' :)

  14. Mmm I am always craving pumpkin baked goods! These look so delicious.

  15. Lovely Rebecca -the sweet cupcakes and the giving. Don't have an i-phone but tweeting to spread the word.

  16. they're just lovely rebecca! great job!

  17. They are lovely cupcakes. I love the idea of giving some to others who are in need.

  18. I love the rich orangy colour of your pumpkin cupcakes.

    So thoughtful of you for the donations. I'm sorry that I didn't have a iphone.

  19. I love the flavor of pumpkin in pies and cakes (bread too). These look delicious. I have to admit that I am not very god at baking but, my fellow bloggers inspire me to keep trying too.

    Happy holidays Rebecca!

  20. I never get tired of pumpkin recipes!

  21. pumpkin cupcakes definitely sound delicious. :) thanks for the recipe!

    i love how you are focusing on giving this holiday season! if i had an iphone, i would definitely be a part of that! :)

  22. Great recipe, and great cause! Beautiful photo as well!

  23. Love pumpkin muffins, and these are super easy :)

  24. Looks so moist! Love anything with pumpkin!

  25. You look like you're baking just fine! These cupcakes look great! Great idea to combine charity with your app!

  26. You are so sweet Rebecca. That is a wonderful thing you are doing.

    Your cupcakes are just beautiful and sound delicious:)

  27. Scrumptious pumpkin cupcakes, what a gorgeous presentation with the flowers!

  28. What a humble gesture Rebecca.I really feel very bad when I see needy people around especially during the holidays.
    The pumpkin cupcakes have a wonderful color.Its so strange that I have never baked with pumpkin ever :)

  29. Bo oh its the least I can do
    Betty thanks great to meet you
    Jose thanks
    Sonia its the least I can do :-)
    Anncoo aw thanks
    the food hound u always make me smile
    Joanne u always crave pumpkin he he
    Claudia thanks sweet of you
    teresa thanks
    swathi thanks
    Zoe no worries
    Velva he he that makes me feel better
    Mimi smiles
    chocolate freckles thanks so much
    Emily oh love how you are too
    liz thanks
    Victoria he he easy is good
    pigpigcorner thanks
    Julie thanks tis the season
    Raina thanks hugs
    5 star foodie thanks :-)
    Tanvi oh you must try I have only cooked with it a few times

  30. I love the rich orange color of the cupcakes, looks so delicious.

  31. Very nice! Thanks for being the first to comment on my blog.

  32. wow great idea....yeah def a time of giving during this festive season!

    love the pumpkin cupcakes too! look gorgeous!

  33. The cute little beauties do look delicious. Hope it tasted wonderful too, Rebecca.

  34. What wonderful cupcakes, I love anything with pumpkin, but you've been coming to my blog long enough you probably know that, haha!

  35. Is there anything more perfect than pumpkin during the holidays?? YUMM!!!

  36. They look delicious, Rebecca!

    Congratulations on your baking and to you for giving back!

  37. This is wonderful, Rebecca...I will find everybody I know who has an iPhone and lead them to the app! The pumpkin cupcakes sound wonderful, too :D

  38. I love pumpkin cupcakes. I hope your app is doing well!

  39. Your Pumpkin Cupcake looks beautiful! It's very nice of you to do that for the hungry.

  40. Jess thanks so much
    Nippin nin my pleasure
    Vivienne thanks and thanks for visiting
    Sanjeeta oh they were good
    Emily he he i know
    jen so true and thanks for stopping by
    savoring time in the kitchen thanks
    girlichef thanks your such a lovely person
    Mariko thanks so much

  41. Ok that's very funny! You have a pumpkin recipe and I have a mincemeat one. Guess we have adapted to our local cultures. Love the sound of the baby in the background on your vlog! Hope the sales of your new app go well x

  42. thanks Heather and you right I guess we just naturally do lol Rebecca

  43. gorgeous cupcakes and great presentation.
    You're right, we are fortunate to be able to buy everything we want. That's so generous of you to donate $.10 for every download. God bless you.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend

  44. thanks Green girl its the least I can do
    Dimah :-)


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