Saturday, December 18, 2010

Interview with Terra (@FoodSafetyLady)

So I thought I would do another new series on Chow and Chatter and start interviewing folks to introduce my blogging buddies, friends from twitter and the chow and chatter facebook page. So expect to be asked he he or let me know if you would like to be interviewed. First up is my dear friend Terra, I have been chatting with her for quite a while now on twitter and following her blog, recently we started food and travel twitter parties together and did our second yesterday. On global holiday food traditions we plan to do another in the new year for new years food traditions and parties so stay tuned.

Hi! I am Terra, also known as – Foodsafetylady! I have a Nutritional Science degree from the University of Arizona. I started off thinking I wanted to be a Dietitian, but found my passion in the kitchen. I love working as a food safety/quality assurance specialist for a third party auditor. I also love to cook, and create new recipes. I am working on 52 ways to use Greek yogurt. So far I’ve created 11 and plan to have all 52 completed in 2011, and release an e-book.

I also have a passion for animals, and have four beautiful babies of my own, three cats and a dog.

I am working towards having my own Café someday.

I started a blog in February, but started blogging with a purpose in July. With my goal to have a Café, I want to start working on dishes I could serve there. I really love creating healthy recipes, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan. I really want the café to have a French appeal, I love everything about France, and so I am now working on how to make French dishes.

My favorite thing about blogging is sharing my recipe or story. For so long, I thought I was unable to write well. It took having this blog to realize I do have the ability to tell a story, and others really do enjoy reading what I am sharing.

Having this blog has been a self-esteem booster for me. I even just won a recipe contest, talk about self-esteem booster! That put me over the edge on happiness! For all the positive lately, I have three things I will achieve; 1. Learn to speak French fluently 2. Live in France, and work as an apprentice for a French chef and 3. Open my own Café

I may create new dishes, but I still have to enjoy my favorite dishes along the way. One dish I adore is beef stroganoff, BUT with venison. I grew up on venison, and love it in any beef dish. AND of course I love love a simple grilled cheese sandwich once in awhile.

I would call myself a Twitter-holic, and love joining on twitter chats, and twitter parties. That is probably why I got excited at the opportunity to do a twitter chat with Rebecca on Food and Travel. I honestly have not traveled much outside of the country. However, my husband and I plan to travel a lot someday soon. The twitter party is fun, I love interacting with other foodies, and learning about their travels. Anytime food and travel is discussed, it is sure to be a party!!!

As I say on my blog, “Until next time, Come on over, Have a seat, *All animals welcome!*

Hugs, Terra

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  1. Hi, Terra Nice to meet and know you :-))

  2. A nice idea, Rebecca. It was great to meet Terra and hear her story.

  3. Hi Terra, Great to meet another wonderful person who is generous to share her recipes and give joy to others!
    Rebecca, this is a great idea of getting to know our foodie friends!

  4. thanks all and stay tuned for me hugs Rebecca

  5. This is a great feature Rebecca. It's really nice to get to 'virtually' meet fellow bloggers.

    Good luck with your cafe Terra!

  6. How nice to meet Terra. What wonderful dreams you have of living/working in France. I hope they come true!

  7. great interview, it's always fun to get to know other people!

  8. Excellent idea, Rebecca! It was definitely nice to meet you Terra and I am off to check out your blog.

  9. Great idea to do interviews. Good to meet Terra.

  10. I love this idea!! Great to meet Terra and great for you to interview her! :)

  11. Thank you Rebecca for the opportunity to share a little bit about me on your blog! Thank you to everyone for your kind words:) Hugs, Terra



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