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Guest Post : Christkindlmarket Chicago

The other day I mentioned on the Chow and Chatter Facebook page and twitter that if anyone has recently been to a Christmas Market I would love to post it. I love these markets and dream of going to the ones in Germany. The sweet Angharad of Eating for England replied :-) with one in Chicago. I was thrilled to hook up with a fellow Brit here and share our favorite British recipes, be sure to check out another great blog. 

And if you have a Christmas Market blog post, add the link below :-)

Hi Chow and Chatter readers! I’m Angharad and I blog at Eating for England. Like Rebecca, I’m a Brit living in the United States and I blog about my food experiences growing up in England and living, as I do now, in the U.S.
As the holidays are rapidly approaching, I wanted to share a little with you about the rather magical Christkindlmarket in Chicago where I went a couple of weeks ago.
There’s so much to see (and more importantly, eat) at Christkindlmarket and yet it’s not huge. It wasn’t overwhelming at all – although I was there on a weekday. It might even be more fun during the hustle and bustle of the weekend!
It’s such a fun place to wander around, listening to all the German accents and voices of vendors while they set up their stalls and call out their wares.
Oh, and about those wares. You’re going to want to go hungry…
Hot Bavarian pretzels in every flavour imaginable, Bratwurst, schnitzel, goulash, latkes, spiced nuts, apple strudel, stollen. My eyes were literally boggling at the sight of it all, let alone the smell as I wandered around, weighing my choices and biding my time.
Once you’re all food-ed out, there are plenty of non-food adventures to be had as well. Gorgeous, handmade Christmas decorations, ornaments, wooden toys, clocks…the list goes on. It would be such a great place to come with your family.
If you’re in Chicago, the market is open til December 24 and it’s right outside Daley Plaza – I’d highly recommend a visit! If anywhere is going to get you in the holiday spirit, it’s this place!

Eating for England

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  1. I didn't know there were other christkindl markets in the US! I just did a post on german ones but of course didn't travel there :)

  2. Pretzels looks awesome. thanks for posting my festive post.

  3. I have never seen a market like this in Kansas City, but it looks awesome. Those pretzels looks so delicious!

  4. I would love to go to something like this. The pretzels look so good and I'll be the air there smelled wonderful.

  5. what a great Christmas Market!! It reminds me of my first time in Europe for Christmas!! WE don't seem to have anything quite like that in the Philly sad
    But I did enjoy your tour of the Chicago market!

  6. Rebecca, you were lucky to be there weeks ago. With the snow in the past one week that place a true mess right now.. :(

  7. Hi Angharad! I wish I lived in Chicago just so that I could attend this market. I love those handmade Christmas ornaments:)

  8. Wow, nice pictures Rebecca, love the pretzels :-)

  9. thanks all will pass on your comments to Angharad

    Hugs Rebecca

  10. oh wow everything looks so Christmassy :)

  11. That put a huge smile on my face!

  12. Christkindlmarket sounds amazing! I love Chicago's cultural scene so much. I went to undergrad near Chicago and loved visiting the city and going to the symphony.

  13. I have been to this market and it's amazing!! My next post is on Christmas markets, so I will post the link when I'm done!!

  14. Here's the link to my Christmas market post! Well, it's mostly about Gluhwein... but what is a Christmas market without it??

  15. thanks Food hound just read it lots of fun

  16. Hi Angharad, what a fun post the market sounds wonderful. I am not in the Chicago area, but wondering if there is something similar close by :)



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