Friday, June 18, 2010

Italian Seasoned Roast Chicken and Salad

A while ago I saw a lovely roast chicken on Ruth's blog I love Flavor Me, I adore her blog she is also a sweet person living in Italy the same company Ariosto from Italy contacted me about trying their seasonings. I thought sure why not there was a novelty about getting seasonings from Italy!

They came in a cute box, that looked like a book. So I roasted chicken legs as suggested in the chicken mix and potatoes in the potato seasoning and had a tasty salad with it.

The salad was a mixture of raspberries, cucumber, lettuce and cherry tomato with olive oil and balsamic vinegar topped with the yummy chaumes cheese.

I would say the chicken was tasty but don't use too much its quite salty in my dietitian opinion. But I had fun making it and will use them again but maybe not so liberally!

Have a great weekend all and don't forget to comment on my last post Chaumes and Sumac Spiced Salad to win some Turkish spices from Istanbul's Ancient Spice Bazaar.


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  1. i love roast chicken too, but never tried it this way...looks delicious rebecca, a complete meal..yummy platter

  2. Love the roast chicken and your salad is so colorful and healthy too.

  3. Roasted chicken salad looks delicious!
    I think having it in a salad form is definitely a healthy choice!

  4. A delicious looking roasted chicken!

  5. Getting spices from Italy sounds seriously romantic. If they could send a nice virile Italian man also, I would be okay with that.

    The chicken looks good! But I'm really all over that salad! yum.

  6. This looks fantastic Rebecca! Roasted chicken is just the best!

  7. Yeah many prepacked seasonings (mixed) are more proportioned to have more salt, in a way a cheaper way to sell more, more money- Your plate looks great!

  8. I try to avoid salt, but sometimes the seasonings is so good I let it go and use it. This one sounds delicious.

  9. Love the new template and of-course the roast chicken salad.Enjoy your book..ahem box of spices from Ariosto seasonings. I sure do. Happy Weekend Dear!

  10. Roast chicken is wonderful, and your salad looks delicious!!=)

  11. chiken roast looks really delicious

    wonderful post

    happy weekend friend

  12. How fun getting spices from Italy! My daughter would love this, she would always choose Italian seasoning to add to her potatoes, mac & cheese, chicken or whatever else she wanted to try to cook. It looks good!

  13. Sushma oh thanks your sweet
    Anncoo: smiles
    always a winner: oh thanks
    Angie thanks
    Joanne: oh that would be nice, will put in a word for you
    sinful southern sweets thanks
    Catherine thanks
    Chef E oh very true i guess it would make it cheaper
    tasteofbeirut smiles i guess it ok once in a while he he
    cool lassie thanks so much trying to make it less busy
    adventures in domestic cooking thanks
    knk thanks
    Lyndsey oh it would rock in mac and cheese

  14. Great looking dish, I love it all.
    I'm also quite careful about salt intake, so I try to avoid this kind of mixtures or at least use them moderately.

  15. The roasted chicken legs looks great and the salad with the raspberry, yumm.

  16. The chicken with the special spices sounds good Rebecca. But the real star is the salad with raspberries! How delicious!

  17. Dajana very wise lol
    Madin oh thanks
    Reeni your right the salad was the best part lol

  18. this sound like a great and delicious meal!

  19. Just tried Ariosto seasonings too, they're great. The roast chicken with them sound delicious!

  20. I don't have many opportunities to eat salads with fruits, but love them! So refreshing to eat chicken meat :)

  21. Roast chicken is always a wonderful meal and your salad with the raspberries sounds very fun! Hope you and your family are having a great weekend.

  22. Lovely. Hard to be a roast chicken with anything! Do you serve the chicken warm or cool with the salad? A perfect summer option!
    Well done!

  23. Sonia thanks so much
    5 star foodie thanks cool
    the lacquer spoon oh with the warm weather here making more salads for sure
    Kim oh thanks and the same to you
    Doc warm but either way and thanks smiles

  24. Ottimo questo pollo, molto saporito. Complimenti per il tuo blog molto interessante. un saluto dall'Italia Daniela.



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