Chow and Chatter on Blog Talk Radio

I have set up a Blog Talk Radio Show for Chow and Chatter I thought it would be fun to discuss travel, good food and nourishment and take calls to chat with you!

The first show is a short one on Istanbuls Spice Bazaar here is the link -
I have also added a player to the top right hand side of the blog, you can click and then download episodes as podcasts.

I would adore it if a few folks would listen or call in!

Much Love

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  1. Great idea! Great show! Look forward to more broadcasts in the future!

  2. Cool CandC- my friend in North Jersey has one on her poetry site and interviews poets once a week at a designated time so we call all come listen!

    How cool! You are cool!

  3. Wow so cool! you are multimedia now!

  4. That is so neat Rebecca! Good luck with it!

  5. Awesome idea Rebecca you're adding more media to blogging!



  6. Bhimiblog thanks so much so kind of you
    Chef E: oh thats cool
    Joanne thanks lol
    Reeni thanks hope folks like it
    Gera oh thanks and thanks for the RT

  7. Congrats on this recording. It's a terrific overview for spices.

  8. congratulations you are the best.....XD

  9. thanks Christine
    Tiago oh thanks I think your the best

  10. Okay. You are definitely beyond cool! And I could listen to you talk all day =) You have such a wonderful accent (to me) and your voice is perfect for radio!! I'd love to call in one day...

  11. Rebecca, You did a lovely first show. I just finished listening and tweeted it.


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