Friday, June 25, 2010

Brie and Apple Panini

This is a delicious and super simple panini made with thinly sliced apple and Brie from Ile De France
Simply add the Brie and apple and grill till melted. Brie is a world famous French soft cheese with a creamy interior and edible rind. It becomes even more yummy when melted. Its great to add to BLT's, salad, omellete, the list goes on.

Have a wonderful fun filled weekend everyone, we are of to the Childrens Museum in Greensboro tomorrow, then going to our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant- fun and good fun perfect combo ;-)

What's your favorite way to eat Brie?

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  1. Simple, but how chic! I tend to eat Brie on its own, but the slight acidity of apple must go well with the creamy cheese.

    You have a wonderful weekend too :)

  2. Brie and apples is a fantastic combination on a cheese plate and translates perfectly to panini. :-)

  3. I'm thinkin' of buying a panini maker.... but decided against it.

  4. This would give my favorite grilled cheese, brie and cranberry sauce, a run for it's money!

  5. Lovely and easy to make. My favorite way to eat Brie is "Brie en Croute" with walnuts on top on fruits for sides.

  6. A lovely panini! I love brie on sandwiches....well anything actually!

  7. I love paninis and this is one of those simple tasty meal you can have in minutes, good healthy food!

  8. Brie and apple is a great combination.

  9. Brie + apples = definitely a fave combo. I love baked brie on crackers, too.

  10. Brie with apples has to be the perfect marriage. I also love brie baked in phyllo with a maple and liquour sauce drizzled inside - - using apples for scooping still! Have a great day! Roz

  11. I'm afraid to buy Brie, I could eat the entire wedge by myself. I also love it with pears.

  12. the lacquer spoon - oh you will have to try it lol
    Kathy: oh thanks and thanks for stopping by panini pro
    Sanyuta - oh thanks
    peachkins oh i bet you could melt in a pan
    Joanne oh love the cranberry idea
    Angie thanks
    cool lassie oh i like the sound of that
    Laura: oh thanks
    Lyndsey oh me to
    Sushma thanks
    pierce oh so true and thanks for stopping by
    adventures in domestic cooking oh it it lol
    Mimi smiles
    Emily oh love the sound of that
    Bella oh wow sounds divine

  13. I love brie! never had it heated though. I always have it with toasted bread or crackers... Brie and apples sounds so yummy!

  14. Love brie cheese! What a delicious panini!

  15. Terrific panini for my new panini grill!

  16. Hey came across your blog for first time.very unique collecction.Love to follow you hereafter.

  17. My favorite way to eat Brie is ANYWAY I CAN!! I adore brie...but I guess baked with a good jam spread on top of 1/2 a round and roasted garlic on top of the other 1/2. Then devour it with some good crusty bread and a bottle of wine! Although, I'd love it in a panini, too ;) Have a good time at the museum!

  18. I would eat brie right off the floor (5 second rule, lol) if I had too! With a good glass of wine, helps the floor bits go down!

    Hey have a great time at the museum, what a great time in your life with Jasmine!

  19. girlichef he he you make me smile and thanks loved the childrens museum
    Chef E oh are right its amazing to hang out with a cute lil toddler smiles

  20. Brie and apple is such a great combination--looks like a yummy sandwich. ;-)

  21. I love brie. I find the combination of brie and apples fascinating in this!



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