Monday, October 25, 2010

Joss Stone - Jet Lag (Live) - Enjoy :-)

Just thought I would share one of my favorite songs, we all need good music in our lives I also watched a movie Listen to Your Heart on imovie amazing - a must watch if you like music and love :-)

Hugs Rebecca

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  1. Great tune! I love music & Joss Stone rocks. Will have to check out the movie as well - thanks for the recommendations - Cheers!

  2. I only know a few songs of Joss Stone's. But this one was really nice :)

  3. ahh I love LOVE this song..there was a time I was listening to this like allll was the song that made me start listening and buying her music..good stuff. Check out my blog for some good music too. I usually do posts on music on the weekends :)

  4. Do I need to go duck my head in the sand when I say I've never heard of Joss stone? She's really good though. I can tell it's time to get out a bit more and expand my listening and watching horizons!

  5. Stephanie my pleasure you will love that movie
    Indie.tea smiles
    Sanjeeta smiles
    Sushma me too I need to listen to more of it he he
    Marcy oh thats cool
    Julie he he no worries
    Sophie wow so jealous would love to see her live



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