Friday, October 22, 2010

Balloons and Leaves

Today my friend and I and the little munchkins headed to Statesville NC for the NC balloon festival it was crazy busy miles of cars and many folks turning back, so we parked at a little shop a mile from the airport and got to see the balloons launching it was so worth it. 

A kind gentleman let us watch from his yard and the girls ran around and played in the leaves. I had packed a picnic so as we munched on sandwiches we enjoyed the view. 

Got to love the way she can chill out :-)

Tomorrow we are going to a Diwali part at Wake Forrest University with friends, will take pictures and share a major Indian function should be fun, its lovely that the Indian community does this to celebrate the most important festival of the year with the local community. I must confess I nearly always forget though as a Christian Christmas is in my mind, but luckily I googled it and called around and got a gang together to enjoy good Indian food dancing and learning he he 

Have a fun adventure filled weekend everyone :-)

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