Friday, October 22, 2010

Balloons and Leaves

Today my friend and I and the little munchkins headed to Statesville NC for the NC balloon festival it was crazy busy miles of cars and many folks turning back, so we parked at a little shop a mile from the airport and got to see the balloons launching it was so worth it. 

A kind gentleman let us watch from his yard and the girls ran around and played in the leaves. I had packed a picnic so as we munched on sandwiches we enjoyed the view. 

Got to love the way she can chill out :-)

Tomorrow we are going to a Diwali part at Wake Forrest University with friends, will take pictures and share a major Indian function should be fun, its lovely that the Indian community does this to celebrate the most important festival of the year with the local community. I must confess I nearly always forget though as a Christian Christmas is in my mind, but luckily I googled it and called around and got a gang together to enjoy good Indian food dancing and learning he he 

Have a fun adventure filled weekend everyone :-)

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  1. I missed the last ballons festivals in here, next time if they held the same festival again, i must bring my kids there. You too have a nice weekend.

  2. so cute. . I love those balloons! hope I can be part of that festival. It seems fun=)

  3. thanks for taking us along, love the last photo :)

  4. What a fun day that must be.I've only seen them in televion and have always been fascinated.

  5. Jasmine must be so excited! Oh she just having so much fun and I love how she post for this picture. Future supermodel. lol! haha.... Have a great weekend.

  6. We love to watch balloons. How fun that you were able to take Jasmine to see them. Looks like she loved the leaves too.

  7. so nice to be able to see so many balloons!

  8. You have so many fun things going on...a balloon festival, diwali. have a great weekend!

  9. Heh! Gravity takes over when you get older, and the ground is not so comforting, but we can long for youth!

    Love it, we came upon a balloon landing in NM once and helped bring it in and put it away, was interesting experience, but not sure I would go up- coming down would hurt, lol

  10. I want to chill out in a pile of leaves! Sweet post and fun.

  11. I'm glad you were able to get down there and see some of it. It really is a cool event! We'll miss you there today, but hopefully we'll catch up and get together soon!

    Enjoy Diwali, I'm sure it's going to be a ton of fun!

  12. Sonia hope you get to see them next year
    Daphne smiles
    Peannuts oh my pleasure
    Rita hope you can find one where you live
    my little space I try hard to give her loads of cool experiences lol
    Sam oh she loves leaves
    Jess yep
    Joanne yep he he
    Chef he he your right oh that sounds like a fun tale
    a spicy perpective maybe next yr
    Claudia I need to copy her
    Julie i know shame but we will meet soon :-)

  13. What a great event!! Packed weekend...head to the NC State Fair.

  14. Hot air balloons are so beautiful watch as they quietly float across a brilliant blue autumn sky!

  15. Love how Jasmin just sinks into the grass and leaves. hehehe... must have felt like a big bed.

  16. Almost nobody goes to Statesville for anything. I'm proud of your resourcefulness.

  17. Now I want a picnic too! Maybe some balloons, and a big pile of leaves! Your contagious!

  18. looks like a lot of fun...nice pics..

  19. Belinda I should be lazy to drive to Raleigh he he
    Roz oh I adore them too
    Jenn got to love kids they know the best things in life
    Liz oh its not that bad he he
    Rennee well thank you
    Sushma thanks

  20. You are always on the go to somewhere fun! I love hot air balloons. Looks like a beautiful day!

  21. Sounds like such a relaxing afternoon! And your daughter looks so peaceful laying in those leaves :) Such a cutie.

    Have a fun trip to Wake Forrest!

  22. The balloon festival sounds like so much fun. I remember seeing some in Maryland at some point, I think when the fair was in town maybe.

  23. We recently had a hot air balloon festival here in Kansas City, too. It was a lot of fun!

  24. the ungourmet he he try to
    Melinda wish they did it more lol
    Emily oh thats cool

  25. the balloon fiesta in New Mexico is a HUGE event with balloonists from around the world - I miss seeing the hundreds of balloons in the cool morning sky!

  26. doggybloggy oh I must try and see it one day sounds amazing
    magic of spices smiles



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