Monday, August 22, 2011

Simple Meringue with Fruit

I adore meringue simple to make, sweet, crisp and can be a little gooey in the middle. One of the dishes I really wish I had eaten in Australia was pavlova, often regarded as its national dessert. 
This summer treat is a cheats version :-), simply make some meringues and eat with a good ice cream and fresh fruit. 


  • 2 egg whites 
  • 4 oz of caster sugar 
  • 1 oz of granulated sugar

  1. add baking paper to a large cookie sheet
  2. add egg whites to a large bowl and beat until thick
  3. slowly adding in sugar until it stands in peaks, takes about 10-15 minutes 
  4. pipe about 14 ovals onto the baking paper or simple add with a spoon like I did
  5. bake at 225 degrees for one hour 
  6. transfer to a wire cooling tray to cool
still waiting for little guys arrival official due date is wednesday :)

Got to celebrate hubby's birthday on Saturday and Jasmines third birthday today we just hung out at the park with her friends and had cupcakes, she had a ball. We plan to do a party in a couple of weeks when my parents are here. So my Dads birthday is Wednesday and my Brothers on the 30th he may still be born on a family birthday he he but I want him to have his own special day :-)

hope your all well


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  1. even though i am vegan, i always wanted to try making meringues! i heard they are super easy and fun to make!

  2. Las cosas más simples son las más deliciosas.


  3. I'm going to be making a meringue this weekend. Hope mine turns out great like yours!

  4. Good morning Rebecca! your meringues look wonderful. Hope you are well.

  5. Meringues, fresh fruit and a little whipped cream is my favorite summertime dessert.

  6. Love meringue! Happy birthday (and early birth day to all :-)!

  7. This looks so simple and tasty. Great for your hubby's birthday :)

  8. yummy meringue!! my hubby adores them,
    have a great week!

  9. simple things give tons of happiness looks yum!!

  10. I love meringue! It is so simple, but delicious!

  11. What a beautiful way to eat summer fruit! Lovely dessert, Rebecca.

  12. Rebecca, like you I love meringue...specially the combination go the crispy and gooey textures all together. Great way to serve meringue!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :-)

  13. I love this simple light and lovely. Happy birthday to your loves :D

  14. This looks delicious Rebecca! Hang in Rebecca, baby is almost here!!! Hugs.

  15. I love fruit dressed as simply as possible and this is a lovely way to celebrate summer fruits. Happy birthdays to your family members. You may be right - your wee one is waiting for his own special day!

  16. Aaah, yes, the good old pavlova. We do love our beloved pav- though some New Zealanders may say different 

  17. Also one of my favs. I love the idea of serving it crispy and fresh with lovely seasonal fruit!

  18. Is jasmine the 23rd? If so she and I have the same birthday. I love meringues, especially with chocolate chips. Good luck with the "new birthday" can't wait to hear all.

  19. Junia oh yep I guess would be hard without the eggs
    Hovkonditorn thanks
    Jose thanks got to love simple
    yummychunklet oh thats lovely
    Rita feeling good no baba as yet
    cathy good taste
    ea :-) thanks so much
    Victoria :-)
    Bonnie thanks u too
    Ananda well said
    Erica so true
    Susan :-)
    Juliana aw thanks have a good week too
    girlichef thanks
    Roz thanks so much
    Claudia he he I guess not today then as its Dads he he
    the slow roasted Italian thanks
    Adrian smiles
    Doc :0)
    Lauren oh he missed hers :_)

  20. Rebecca, aren't you supposed to be in the hospital already???? hehe... Anyway, all the best.

  21. Rebecca love this type of dessert! look delicious!! gloria

  22. So delightful n fun ~ looks perfect!
    Wishes to your hubby!

  23. this is so pretty and fun! i love merinque too!

  24. Meringue is simple but very delicious and yours with fruits and ice cream sounds just perfect! :-)

  25. I had pavlova in UK, some say it was British, but I was convinced that it was Australian...

    I like to make meringues when I have an excess of egg whites.

  26. I love meringue too especially with chocolate sauce,
    Have a great weekend ahead :)

  27. I like to eat meringues with berries ;-)

  28. Looks delicious, and low(ish) fat too!!!

  29. Kirsty he hasn't made his appearance yet!
    thanks Gloria
    aipi thanks will tell him
    teresa :_)
    nami thanks so much
    Victor it probably is British as Australia was colonised by us
    Anncoo oh wow now that sounds amazing
    Angie oh yum
    brownieville girl he he I guess but sugar

  30. hiya came across your blog for first time, and totally love it! Happy to follow, you got nice recipes here. POp over to mine if you have time too!

  31. thanks for visiting Jehanne on my way to visit your blog :-)

  32. this is a recipe that i wanted to try long time ago, look like i need to quickly try this. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Funny thing is...though I live in Australia- I've never had pavlova before! :D You meringues look delicious though- it looks liek such a summery dessert!

  34. You make it sound so simple. I've gotta give it a try as I've never made meringue. Happy Birthday to jasmine and your hubby. Also wishing you a safe delivery! Should be any soon....

  35. Sonia oh my pleasure look forward to seeing yours
    girls who like to gorge thanks
    Von oh thanks ;-)
    Biren thanks

  36. I also love meringues. Yours sound and look yummy:)

  37. I love the cheat version :) How are you holding up? You are in my thoughts !

  38. first time here and love your blog...happy to be following you

  39. you'll just have to come back again for the pavlova rebecca :P hahaha. actually even tho its a national dessert, we dont really have it that often! now you got me thinkng about it, im going to make one soon too :D

  40. A delightful dessert!

  41. I am new to meringue, but have fallen in love with the delicious dessert! Sounds like a perfect treat with apples:-) Hugs, Terra

  42. I use to make Meringue all the time for my daughter. She loved it. I'll have to treat her the next time she visits. Thanks for the reminder! Looks delicious. :)

  43. hello darling this is indeed simple and sweet. I hope you are all safe from the horrible storm. xxx

  44. Raina :-)
    Ilke oh thanks your so so sweet
    munchmunchcrunchcrunch welcome thanks for stopping by
    Viv can't wait to see yours it will rock
    5 star foodie thanks
    Terra oh nice idea
    mother rimmy oh sweet she will love it
    shirley thanks
    3 hungry tummies we are all well thanks so much for thinking of us

  45. Lovely meringues, Rebecca! Happy belated birthday to baby Jasmine and your husband :)

  46. These really do look delicious! I think meringues are so light and fluffy and really tasty!!

  47. Simple, but nonetheless extremely delicious!



  48. I'll love meringues will have to try this sometime. They are so divine.

  49. Looks delectable! I always wanted to try making meringues. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  50. chef pandita aw thanks kind of u
    alicia me too
    Rosa thanks your sweet
    Kris :-)
    ashwini my pleasure

  51. Such a pretty summer dessert. I love meringues. ;-)

  52. What a delightful and refreshing way to serve meringue :)



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