Friday, August 12, 2011

Guest Post: Frogs in a Pond

After tweeting one of my craft posts, Frogs in a Pond, Maureen from Orgasmic chef mentioned that in Australia they make a little frog in a pond for kids parties and she kindly made one to show us, how cute is this. I love kids parties I was chatting with my Dad yesterday about what we plan to do for Jasmines and he told me as a kid one of his friends Mum's would make little boats out of a bread roll with ham as a sail. I remember my Mum made some amazing birthday cakes a train once for my brother. So lets make kids birthday's special with fun little treats to give lasting memories. I have recently been making Jasmine sandwich's with cookie cutters I have flowers and a sheep so far :-) 

What childhood party memories do you have? and feel fee to add links below :-) 

 When I moved here I was told it was standard fare at childrens' parties  along with fairy bread.  Bread spread with butter and then colored sprinkles over the top.  The bread is cut into child size triangles.  Cadbury in Australia makes a little chocolate frog called Freddo so half the work is done.  Make the jelly, add the cream and pop on the frog.  I did have a friend who went over the top and used a cinnamon quill as a log and nasturtium leaves as lilypads but the whipped cream and chocolate did it for me.

We sang froggy went a walking and little speckled frogs and we made
green lilypad pancakes.  We went over the top.  :)


We collected my Mum in law from the airport today, its so sweet to see Jasmine interact with Patti (Tamil) for grandma and chat non stop, I couldn't hardly get her to sleep tonight as she was so excited. Exciting times, with the baby arriving, my hubby's brother and his wife are going to visit and then my parents from Scotland!

Have a lovely weekend everyone


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