Salmon over Spaghetti al Limone

I made this Spaghetti al limone recently from The Slow Roasted Italian, I didn't tweak the recipe as she is the pro so followed step by step, super easy and packed with lemony goodness. 
I decided to add salmon, lightly poached with sauteed spinach thats the dietitian in me making a balanced meal :-) 

The link to the spaghetti is above , and I must say love her blog, as you all know loving Italian recipes the last few months :-)



  • 2 filets of Alaskan salmon marinated in olive oil, Italian herbs, salt and pepper
  • 1/2 a pack of spinach or a small bunch 
  • 2 cloves of chopped garlic 
  1. cook the spaghetti per The Slow Roasted Italians instructions
  2. poach the salmon (with a lid for 5 minutes each side) in the same pan sautee the spinach 
  3. serve over the spaghetti al limone and enjoy :-)

Has anyone made this before or added lemon juice to pasta?, its so good:-)

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  1. I recently made Salmon and sprinkled some True Lemon (dehydrated lemon powder)! Tasted so good!

  2. Yum. I love the sound of spaghetti al limone. I adore food with romantic names!

  3. Looks and sounds delicious! The addition of salmon and spinach makes it more so....very tasty indeed!

  4. Oh I have all the ingredients to make this dish!! God is speaking to me!! >__<

  5. Yummy! The addition of lemon juice and salmon in this pasta sounds great. Looks delicious! :)

  6. my dad would love this. i always make him salmon and pasta, but never together. i should totally combine the two :)

  7. Can't go wrong with The Slow Roasted Italian's stuff. Healthy, yummy and totally dummy proof :) Well done!

  8. Great dish! I remember seeing this on Slow Roasted Italian as well.

  9. Delicious. I love to add salmon to noodles/pasta. I love to add more vegetables too so that I don't need to fry another dish of vegetables :D

  10. Really clever idea to accompany the Salmon with the Lemon Spaghetti. Looks amazing. And thanks now i'm hungry! lol.

    I need to come back and catchup with the rest of the recipes, i've been missing for a while.

  11. Love the title of your post, Rebecca! Hope you are enjoying your last phase of preg :)

  12. I'll add fresh lemon to most anything, very creative!

  13. Love salmon! The pasta looks really delectable.

  14. This looks absolutely delicious! I've never poached salmon before.

  15. This recipe has it all! I know you've been craving lots of Italian, can't blame you. I'm not pregnant and I crave it all the time too, haha.

  16. I just published a salmon, I love the flavours in that spaghetti.

  17. I love the simplicity of this dish Rebecca! Wonder if your Italian cravings will continue after the baby is born?? :-)

  18. Looks perfect. I love the little flower!

  19. I can imagine how good the lemon flavor pairs with the salmon and spinach! What a delightful dish!

  20. A terrific meal, the combination of pasta and salmon sounds terrific!

  21. salmon is one of my favorite fish...this is such a lovely meal. I may have to make it this week :D

  22. I love that you added the salmon. I imagine that it is absolutely perfect with the lemon and the pasta.

    Hope you're feeling good. Hang in there:)

  23. You are truly inspiring Rebecca.. How do you manage to post such delicious dishes even in the last minute.. Awesome.. Wishing you good luck with the delivery.

  24. This would be sublime in summer- with its refreshing zestiness. I always tell myself to try spaghetti with a non tomato based sauce but end up making the same thing over and over again. Thanks for reminding me again!

  25. Thank you for sharing the great Italian blog! I love pasta....I can eat it every single day. My kids love salmon and I bookmarked for weeknite dinner! Hope you are feeling good. Hang in there, you are almost there!

  26. Ha, I was scanning the recipe for lemon- I guess it's in the pasta. Great combination. Your recipes are definitely broad in scope, love it.

  27. So happy - I have a meal for next week. Love spaghetti with lemon - the addition of spinach is perfect - and now I am very happy!

  28. Yum! sounds exotic and delish haha :)

  29. I know a thing or two about cravings during pregnancy so am totally with you. Commend your passion that you still are able to go through the whole process to posting the recipe. Wish you all the luck and best wishes.


  30. oh how yummy! i want to slurp this up. i love seafood and pasta!

  31. Nelly oh nice idea
    Nisrine he he me too
    Maris thanks
    Biren thanks
    Sophia enjoy :-)
    sweetpeakitchen thanks
    Junia :-) he will love it
    Parsley sage thanks
    yummychunklet she has a great blog
    Mary oh so true makes it easier
    Luigi oh no worries life gets busy
    sanjeeta I am well ready to meet the lil guy
    Sandi oh I need to use it more
    Angie aw thanks
    candace hope u try
    Victoria he he
    Victor wow love yours
    EA I guess so always love pasta
    Kris he he from my garden
    Susan thanks
    5 star foodie ;-)
    Heather oh thats lovely u will like it
    Kim oh thanks for the kind words of support :-)
    Radkika thanks yep hanging in there :-)
    adrian hope u try it
    Nami oh thanks so much for the kind support
    Lauren try to cook from around the world :-)
    Claudia oh thanks makes my day when u like my attempt at Italian
    Lauren thanks
    Aipi :-)
    Teresa come on over

  32. I love to add lemon zest and lemon juice to pasta. Can't wait to try this. We eat salmon once a week, so I'm always looking for something new!

  33. Rebecca, this pasta dish looks delicious, love it with salmon and lemony pasta...great meal.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  34. I love salmon Rebecca, is delicious and this look delicious! gloria

  35. Hey...I can do this! I have fresh salmon in my fridge this very moment as it was delivered direct from my harbour master this very afternoon.

  36. mother rimmy oh thats cool victor from random cuisine also had a great one
    Juliana thanks you too loved your cocktail post
    Gloria thanks so much
    Trish oh thats very cool

  37. That sounds divine. I make pasta a lot, and do enjoy veering off from standard tomato gravy faire.

    A wonderful dish! great write up and photos!

  38. I like the combination of the salmon and the pasta. Donna's blog really is fabulous. I love lemon pasta!

  39. I've also been making super simple spaghetti dishes lately no fancy sauce just light and straight forward. this dish is right up my alley!

  40. inspired by recipe e cards thanks so much and for stopping by
    barefoot in the kitchen oh love it and yours
    Karen :0)

  41. This looks delicious--the salmon is the perfect pairing with the lemon pasta. ;-)

  42. Love the Slow Roasted Italian too and this recipe looks amazing!

  43. I am so glad you liked it! Thanks for the link up.

    I am still anxiously waiting for a Droid version of you new app. I hope that is somewhere in the near future. : )

  44. thanks Deb
    Carolyn thanks so much
    the slow roasted Italian my pleasure don't think i will do another app, too expensive sorry all recipes are here though

  45. mmm that looks good! I'm always looking for new ways with salmon :) I have made a lemon broccolini pasta with chicken before, lemon is so good!

  46. mmm..what an elegant, flavorful dish - perfect!

  47. A deliciously refined dish! Love those flavors.




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