Sunday, August 28, 2011

Polenta Crusted Green Tomatoes

So I am still waiting for my tomatoes to change from green to red, not sure if they will :-), I added a picture of them to the chow and chatter facebook page and a few folks suggested I made fried green tomatoes with them. I live in the US South, Winston Salem NC and have eaten them at restaurants and thought why not. Since I am a tad chicken with frying foods don't like the hot oil I decided to grill them, and they actually turned out pretty good. 


  • one large egg beaten 
  • salt and pepper
  • about 2 tablespoon all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoon polenta 
  • 2 medium green tomatoes 
  • 1/4 cup milk

  1. beat egg and milk together
  2. mix the flour with polenta and add salt and pepper
  3. dip sliced green tomato in egg and milk then in polenta and flour 
  4. use an indoor grill double sided and grill for 8-10 minutes 
I ate mine with a salad

On the subject of waiting we are still waiting for our little guy to arrive, all good things comes to those who wait :-)

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  1. Looks absolutely perfect and beautiful, I love the polenta t love your recipes, hugs.

  2. I love fried green tomatoes...your version sounds delicious :D

  3. I've never tried fried or grilled green tomatoes. Wishing you well for your imminent arrival!

  4. These look delish and good for you for grilling them instead of frying - I'm sure they are much better for you! I'm sure your little one will show up very soon - how exciting:) Please keep us posted XO!!!

  5. Nothing like fried green tomatoes! Great adaptation.

  6. This polenta green tomatoes look delicious Rebecca, x gloria

  7. Before reading the post I thought these were pan fried or deep fried, love the fact that you grilled them! We are all dying to meet your little prince, couldn't agree more with you "good things come to those who wait" :) *pandahugs*

  8. Hey, This is looking so Gud and Appetizing… !A very well made post with beautiful pictures.Loved it. Today only I was thinking of making a dish with polenta, and here it is. I've bookmarked this special recipe of urs and wud love to give it a shot asap. Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!

  9. Looks so good with that crust on the tomatoes. My family would love it :)
    Take care :))

  10. Oh now these just look awesome! I love fried green tomatoes!

  11. I love that you grilled these! Amazing! They look wonderfully crisp. My tomatoes are all still green too so I might have to make these this week.

  12. those snacks look delicious, and healthy..didnt know you were expecting, such great news! congrats and coming from a new mother: enjoy ur well deserved rest now before the sleepless nights!

  13. Fun! This reminds me of the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes". These look tasty!

  14. They sound delicious n definitely addictive!
    US Masala

  15. Love fried green tomatoes. I'm not much of a frying person either, so I shallow-fry them. I've never thought of grilling them. Great idea.

    Please let us know as soon as you can when your baby arrives. We're all as anxious as you are and are on pins and needles. Sending happy thoughts your way.

  16. Love these, love the polenta idea too.

  17. A great idea! Those must taste wonderful.



  18. They look delicious and I still have plenty of green tomatoes.

  19. I love this! I had my first fried green tomatoes at Sandra Bullock's restaurant in Austin, TX and loved them. These sound delicious

  20. This is so clever Rebecca! I have never done the fried green tomatoes - but should - because I certainly am stuck with enough of them every summer. The polenta crust is just delicious!

  21. Rosita thanks so much
    Julie thanks so much
    Girlichef oh thanks
    Janice thanks and I hadn't until i came here
    the glamorous gourmet will keep you posted for sure
    belinda thanks
    Gloria thanks
    thanks for the panda hugs Yuri
    thanks Sonia hope you like it
    anncoo :-)
    Alicia :-)
    Katie oh you will like them
    jehanne oh i hear ya this is baby no two and congrats to you as well
    yummychunklet a classic
    aipi he he
    jose thanks
    sam thanks so much hugs
    Lauren thanks
    Rosa oh I may have to make more now
    mimi oh yo must give them a try
    claire oh i had no idea she had a restaurant how cool
    claudia thanks so much

  22. never thought about breading tomatoes! lovely idea!!! how are you feeling?

  23. Not a bad idea. Looks like they turned out nicely, but then again, everything you do in the kitchen does. Hope you are hanging in there and the baby comes soon.

  24. How interesting that you grilled these! I don't really like frying either. Scares me too and it's bad for you! ;o)

  25. I'd love to they these-never had fried green tomatoes before! Can't wait to meet your little guy :-)

  26. When your baby due, the polenta crusted green tomatoes looks delicious.

  27. I love fried green tomatoes! Classic southern treat :)

  28. OOOH...must try these! A friend of ours will be giving us some green tomatoes next week. So exciting, when I click on your site, I wonder if the baby's arrival will be announced! Take care.

  29. Rebecca, love the idea of the crispy layer of polenta with green tomatoes...perfect appetizer.
    Hope you are having a fantastic week :-)

  30. I have lots of green tomatoes too. If they don't ripen soon, I'll try something like this :)

    Thinking of you in the days ahead, Rebecca!

  31. I like the idea of grilling them; I wouldn't have though of that! I can't wait to meet your new addition; not much longer!

  32. Nice, the addition of polenta to the crust sounds awesome!

  33. Ooooooh my gosh. I have been wanting to try this traditional US dish ever since I saw the movie... Looks like something I would love. I HAVE to try it! I'm nervouse about finding the right kind of tomatoes though... And maybe grilling is the answer?

    Robyn xxx

  34. I have always wanted to try green tomatoes. Yours look yummy:)

  35. Mine are still green...I don't think they will turn red at all this year as autumn is already here...
    Love your poletna crust. Very delicious.

  36. I have to confess I've never tried a fried green tomato. Because of our cool spring and summer this may be a good year for it. They certainly look delicious.

  37. Totally new and interesting recipe, Rebecca! and I love this could be a great add to my recipe treasure.

  38. This looks wonderful; I have never made polenta. Thinking aboout you Rebecca; hope all is well!

  39. I love fried green tomatoes! The polenta crust sounds wonderful!

  40. Rebecca, I hope he comes soon! Waiting game is no fun!
    And I am the same way when it comes to frying! Try to go with oven-fried version :)

  41. My tomatoes aren't turning red either. Guess it's the lack of rain. Love the idea of polenta crusted tomatoes and it's very fun that you grilled them.

    Been thinking about you and your family. Hopefully the arrival will be soon!

  42. Junia oh ok waiting is hard though
    Melinda thanks so much
    Kris :-)
    EA oh you would love them and me too
    swathi oh he is 5 days late
    nutmeg nanny oh for sure
    Roz oh I hope in the next few days !
    Juliana thanks
    thanks Susan your lovely
    Julie thanks hope so
    5 star foodie thanks so much
    Robyn oh hope you find some, they are simply unripe
    Raina oh you must
    oh tomatoes are not riping globally then
    Cathy thanks
    Sanjeeta oh thats cool bet you could add an Indian touch to them
    Rita oh I am fine just getting bored waiting
    Erica aw thanks
    illke thanks your a lovely person
    Kim oh thanks your support means a lot

  43. It's been years since I made these, but having seen your photos and with some green tomatoes on the vine, I'm in.

  44. I love fried green tomatoes but never thought of crusting it with Polenta. I feel like eating it right now.

  45. You are becoming a Southern Belle!

  46. Linda oh thats neat and thanks so much for stopping by
    Kankana will make you some my friend
    doc he he

  47. i've never had a fried green tomato, but i have no doubt i would love them. this looks delicious!

  48. I love friend green tomatoes and I love the fact that you grilled them. They look fabulous. ;-)

  49. Wow these are like our bajjis - I love the idea of coating with polenta - noted :) thanks for sharing :)

  50. What a nice idea to crust these with polenta...they look delicious :)

  51. I never thought of grilling them. A great idea. Oh I hate frying so much. Pan fry with a little oil is one thing. Deep frying with a ton of oil is quite another. I do that probably about three times a year.



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