Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lomma Sweden

On the first day of our wee Scandinavian road trip as we crossed the big bridge from Copenhagen into Sweden. We decided to make a stop and by chance found a gem of a town. Despite the expense of the car hire its the times like this we are thrilled we had one. We parked next to a modern block of flats the kids were asleep and I spotted a deli. So nipped inside to find some food. The owner was lovely I love deli's as its often a great way to ask about regional foods. I find folks who work in these places often more to happy to share foods they are proud of with excited tourists like me. 

The owner mostly sold Italian food but kindly made sandwiches for us and I sampled traditional Swedish cookies. As I was about to leave she said you must walk to the beach its only 10 minutes walk in that direction. 

On the way to the beach we walked alongside a pretty and brand new marina. There was a nice wee fresh seafood shop and coffee shops my kind of place. The beach was small but nice, didn't get many pictures as our daughter didn't like the smell, kids :-) Of course we couldn't resist stopping at one of the coffee shops and sampling cake, the one above was a beet root cake, with a saffron cream cheese frosting so good. I was smitten with the cakes in Sweden and we sampled quite a few.

Fresh fish for sale 

modern buildings 

lovely marina
a beach further up the coast, near the farm we stayed in at Laholm.

One of the things we noticed about Sweden is the abundance of Swedish flags on homes, on plates of food and in restaurants and so on. They seem to have a real pride in their country, this reminded me of America. As a Brit when I first moved to America it was different for me as we don't fly British flags that often. I actually like how united American's are despite diverse backgrounds and immigrants like ourselves joining everyone is welcomed. 

So as Sweden's flag flies, I want to also wish America a happy 4th of July - Independence day here's a flag me and Jasmine made she even happily teased me that her country beat mine. We made star cookies to celebrate.

We are indeed a multi cultural family and the world over we are all one family as citizens of the world. 


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  1. Wow! You sure had a great time Rebecca.. Lovely cookies - a great way to celebrate 4th of July dear :-)

  2. Sweden is so beautiful, especially in summer! Have a great time.

  3. Hhaha...our friends from Canada asked us the same thing, "What's with all the flags here?"

  4. Happy 4th July, even we are planning to make a trip to Sweden,thanks for this virtual visit.

  5. Happy 4th of July! Beautiful photos and yummy food. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  6. hello dear :). AM back in the blogging world!! looks like you are very busy :)

  7. Wll actually i've cancelled my AFS exchange student service to sweden in hight schools, this post make me regret it even more

  8. Wonderful post, Rebecca. I love the flags and cookies :) Hope you had a wonderful trip - I'd love to visit that part of Europe one day as my grandparents came here from Denmark.

  9. Hope that you had a great 4th of July! Love the trip to Sweden so very cool. I can't think of a more wonderful gift than the gift of travel.




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