Thursday, July 18, 2013

South Indian Filter Coffee

When I meet my mother in law in England I asked her to bring me some South Indian filter coffee to make at home. The week we came back one morning me and the kids had fun making it. I had mentioned how much I like this drink, last time we were in India I enjoyed it and even had a guy make it for us in a hotel click here for the clip. I also wanted the traditional brass cups to serve it in. I remember stopping along the road on the way back from the coast and drinking it in these. 

Another reason I loved making this is to involve the kids and share Indian culture with them. We all cook and make foods from other countries its tasty and fun but more than that it connects you with another land and people and ancient traditions. 

To make the drink, you simple add a couple of teaspoons of powdered South Indian filter coffee to the filter add the plunger and wait, it can take up to 20 minutes to filter through. Maybe start the process and hop into the shower. It can be purchased in your local Indian store, they may also have the filter I have also seen it in World Market.

You then add warmed milk to a little of it, with sugar if desired and poor the coffee between the two containers. The more skilled you become the higher it gets it serves to cool the coffee down but also to create a froth. The coffee is grown in Southern India and is blended with chicory similar to the coffee served in New Orleans. 

I let the kids make theirs outside as it can get quite messy :-) 

Fun was had by all ;)

What new food or drink or culinary custom have you tried from another country recently? 

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