Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wee tour of Copenhagen

We have just spent a couple of days in Copenhagen a great city with a vibrant international food scene. We have enjoyed Turkish, Moroccan and Danish although in the neighborhood we are staying in Danish is hard to find ;-) it has quirky art work around the city and old buildings. Everyone seems to cycle its very friendly and plenty of parks for wee ones. 

Me with a Danish pastry with custard in the center ;-)

Rhubarb ice cream

The queens guards outside the palace this is a must visit like the UK they still have a royal family and local folks seem happy with them ;-)

The place just as the sun set

Famous fountain of Gefion the Viking queen that turned her sons into oxen and used the earth to throw into the ocean to make Denmark or so the story goes ;-)

We visited trivoli gardens today the oldest amusement park in the world expensive but kids loved it and lovely old rides ;-)

We are starting our road trip tomorrow and driving into Sweden to stay on a farm ;-) hope you can join us virtually

Love and hugs 



  1. Was hoping you would post about your trip soon --
    You look so happy with your danish :)

  2. what lovely pictures Rebecca, really beauty and you look lovely with your danish treat:))

  3. I love copenhagen, visited once during my stay in Sweden. Hope you will enjoy your swedish trip too. Where you are going in Sweden. I miss there too.

  4. I LOVE the photo tour. Thanks for taking us along Rebecca. Copenhagen looks LOVELY!!!! Safe travels.

  5. Beautiful... Hope you had a great time.

  6. Worthed to visit at least once in a life time....



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