Motherhood by Rebecca Subbiah

By Rebecca Subbiah

From the moment you find out your expecting,  life will never be the same, the miracle of life will transform you into the person you were destined to become. 

Through the early sleepless nights when you just wish for rest to feel your best, you smile as your wee one is snoozing on your chest and know this is the best.

Or the anxiety you feel when they start school and take baby steps of independence know that your the person that makes their world make sense.

There are days when you want them to nap as your about to snap but if they do and sleep a little bit longer you start to miss their laughter and chatter.

First words, first steps, the first time they say mummy and write their name you know things will never be the same,  only better. 

You are entrusted with this previous gift to uplift and guide its never going to be easy but believe me it's the best job in life even with the strive :-)

Then one day they will fly from the nest be brave you have taught them well and your special motherly spell will forever give them that something something to make them believe, that just maybe mummy's baby can conquer the world. 

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