Drive through Dolomites

I thought I would share a few pictures and clips of our drive through the amazing Dolomites mountains, a historic Alpine pass between Italy, Austria and Germany one of my favorite drives :-).

Bolzano a lovely little town in Northern Italy also known as Bozen in German, in fact this part of Italy was part of Austria until the first world war. The town has been an important trading point and market town for over 1000 years!

We stayed the night in a small town near Brennero it was a cold rainy evening with only two restaurants open one called Hotel Schuster who kindly served us food, we were the only folks in the place. The owner of Austrian decent proudly told us that the area used to be Austrian and that he was proud of his heritage and Austrian dishes and recommended we try Knödel. Dumplings made from leftover bread mixed with egg and soaked in milk. We had the famous trio one made with spinach, one with cheese and one with beet root, he also mentioned they can be sweet or added to clear soups. I plan to try making these soon, let me know if you have a recipe ;-) 

pretty buildings in Bolzano 

Mattrei a pretty Austrian village on the way 

A natural spring in the village

and of course we had to have some apple strudel 

This was a farm by the side of the road we stopped and took pictures in, simple stunning like a postcard 

thats really me :-) 

cool lions dotted around Munich, this one was outside a beer garden. Unfortunately it was rainy the two days we were there so we ate inside as they were closed.

It was called Hofbräukeller, and the food was traditional Bavarian I highly recommend it. It even had a supervised kids play area where you can drop of your kids, Jasmine loved it although the local kids didn't quite know what to make of her jabbering away in English and running around :-) 

Hours: Mon-Sun 10–12am
Address: Innere Wiener Straße 19, 81667 Munich, Germany

Roshan munching on German bread 

Munich at night

Happy to be home, but a wee bit jet lagged but so blessed and happy with a heart filled with amazing memories and excited to try and learn about the cultures and dishes of the area's we visited. 

Hugs Rebecca


  1. What a fabulous trip Rebecca. I was just getting caught up on all your travel posts, and it brought back memories of the bus trip through Europe I went on with my parents when I was 15. I just love that photo of you in the flower field! I have a similar one I took of my Goddaughter when my husband and I travelled through Tuscany with her and her parents. Welcome back home :-)

    1. oh now that sounds like a great trip :-) love that your a fellow world traveler look forward to meeting you

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially like the one of you surrounded by flowers. This makes me really long for a trip through Europe. It's been years.

  3. Beautiful pictures ... Thx for sharing :-)

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing your travels with us!!!!

  5. Amazing holiday. I'm so glad you got a chance to enjoy every minute of it. Love seeing the photos of places I've been. Great memories.

  6. Awesome looking trip!

  7. Thank you for the virtual tour....hope u had great time....

  8. Great photos! Love the one of you in the field of flowers. Your so lucky to get to go on do many adventures.

    1. we really are my hubby works very hrs to fund it

  9. Beautiful photos...looks like such a lovely trip!

  10. That's really happy you!
    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.


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