Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baguette magic

Every now and again you stumble on a place that screams to be blogged about so others can enjoy it. Baguette magic is one such place in Charleston SC its run by a lovely Frenchman who came to Charleston to study and decided it needed good bread. It sells fresh baguettes, croissants, coffee and great sandwiches a taste of France in SC.

We came to folly beach for a couple of days Tuesday was divine sunny and warm

The sunrise ;-)

We enjoyed a stroll on the beach in the morning then a day waking around Charleston so pretty this time of year.

I got a couple of antique silver spoons for the kids in a cute wee shop called curiosity down this walkway ;-)

At the aquarium really a first class place, great for little ones

But if in Charleston be sure to get a croissant in Baguette magic and get some sandwiches for the road like we did today ;-) we left a day early as the weather got a bit chilly and rainy.

Baguette Magic
792 Folly Road, Charleston SC

Hugs Rebecca


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