Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food and Fun in Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik is a city I have always wanted to visit, I have heard about its great food scene, funky art shops and of course Iceland's natural beauty.

This is a traditional Icelandic doughnut dipped in cardamom syrup so good.

The first day we ate at a restaurant called Geyser bistro

I had a wonderful seafood soup loaded with shrimp, lobster and shrimp.

This is a rice pudding they give to kids

Here's a cute little coffee house and I must say they love coffee and cake :-)

Pretty church

Super cute little shop, the city has lots of small art and nick nack shops :-)

This is a skyr chocolate cake.
Iceland is famous for skyr yogurt similar to Greek yogurt high in protein and they also sell lovely yoghurt drinks.

This was a Viking sculpture next to the bay with the moon in the distance.

Here's an example of the amazing bakeries here

This was a wonderful salad bar at a local restaurant serving delicious organic world inspired food. As a dietitian I loved this and they grow a lot of vegetables using geothermal heat in greenhouses.

Today's weather was very rainy and gloomy Iceland's weather is unpredictable and reminds me of Scotland where I grew up.

But we hired a car and still had fun getting into the beautiful countryside despite the rain.

Tomorrow we are driving to the country and staying on a horse farm and celebrating our darling boys first birthday :-)

His big sister told him he will be one and she will hug him

Hope your having a wonderful week

Love from Iceland



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