Friday, September 3, 2010

Mysore and Coorg

Hi all just wanted to share some snaps of Mysore we visited the palace there -amazing really worth a visit.

We then drove to Coorg in the moutains to stay on a coffee plantation beautiful place and such a treat to leave the crazy city for a couple of days.

India has amazing places to visit but the travel can be rough took the fast train there 7 hrs from Chennai to Mysore then last night same distance older train 13 hrs overnight awful train full of cockroachs!!!

I don't have regular Internet access bur wanted to say I miss reading all your blogs and thanks for your kind wishes I am so much better just wish our lil American Jasmine would eat better !!

Will have to put her weight back on with my Grandmas cakes next weekend !!

Much love


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  1. A very interesting and adventurous trip..
    I am glad to know that you feel better...and don't let cockroachs get too close to you!

  2. ewwww cockroaches, LOL!! Sounds like you're having fun...miss u ;)

  3. What a beautiful palace! I hope the rest of your trip is bug free ;)

  4. Wow..You are in India you are enjoying the great food and wonderful places like Mysore, though you encounter bugs on your way ;-)

  5. Goodness, you do get around Rebecca. Lovely post.

  6. So jealous, one thing I want is to go to India, but it has not worked out- next year I am doing my 50th on a cruise with my sister and son- take care you guys, have fun!

  7. Oh Rebecca: I love seeing you and Jasmine on this trip! You are an intrepid traveler and diner! What a treat to live vicariously through you.
    Lets visit when you get back and adjusted,

  8. Eww, can't belive the train was full of cockroaches! I hate those things :( Looks like you guys are having a great trip though otherwise, haha. Stay safe!

  9. I would not have enjoyed the cockroaches, they make me squirm! It sounds like you're truly having an amazing trip. I love that you're sharing it with us. Enjoy the wedding and the rest of your trip!

  10. Sounds like your having a wonderful time, except for the Beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing them:)

  11. so you're still in India???... I miss seeing you around the blogosphere, but glad to know that you are having fun...

  12. Hi Rebecca..great that you are enjoying your India trip look great in the Indian kurta !!

  13. Thanks for the lovely photo report! Wish I could travel India some time. Safe journey and have fun!!

  14. thanks for sharing the beautiful scenes :).

  15. Angie thanks so much he he I survived them
    Girlichef hugs will be home and back in routine soon
    savoring time in the kitchen thanks so much lol
    Gulmohar aw well its all worth it always fun to have adventures right
    Janice he he I know we have been busy traveling this year
    Chef E oh so true hope you get to go wow 50th love ya
    Liz sure come on over for coffee sometime
    victoria thanks so much
    Julie thanks will have a few wedding snaps fingers crossed!
    Raina my pleasure
    Malou oh thanks I will be back visting soon hugs
    Sangeeta he eh will post a saree pic soon
    the lacquer spoon my pleasure hope u get to visit
    Jess my pleasure

  16. Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad to see you're having a good time..except for the cockroaches! Hope Jasmine eats better soon :/

  17. Lovely pics rebecca, seems your having a great time in india..

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hope you have a wonderful time and fun trip in India.

  20. Best wishes to Miss Jasmine to gain a bit of appetite there. Who needs to travel when we can read all your lovely posts? Glad you are having a blast, my friend. Enjoy it...except for the bugs, lol.

  21. you make me wish I could travel there and see all those wonderful sights! I love the elephant in the background, just like someone was walking their big deal!
    thanks for sharing such lovely images with us!

  22. Wow, from your iphone...impressed :) What gorgeous pictures. And the one of you guys with the elephant behind you, that is a memory shot for your little one:) I can not discuss the insect thing :(



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