Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Kingdom of Fife

I thought I would share a few pictures of Scotland with you all, I went to High School and University in Scotland its a lovely country. We have had a good few days and have been blessed with lovely weather. Its been fun seeing friends from University and having day trips with my parents and the kids. It is about to get a lot busier as my brother gets married this weekend so exciting.

The famous forth rail bridge one of the most beautiful bridges in the World, it opened in 1890 and has nearly 200 trains over it a day. It sits next to the road bridge see below another pretty bridge. But due to high volumes of traffic another is being built. The bridges lead into the Kingdom of Fife the county of Scotland where my parents live. Its blessed with green rolling hills and gorgeous coastline as you can see above. That's a beach near Saint Andrews.

Love this picture of Granddad and Grandson walking in the woods near our house

While I was in Scotland I thought I would reach out to local Universities and offer to speak on social media. So on Monday I gave a wee talk to dietitian's at The Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh and it was recorded for the students. It had a lovely modern campus, such a treat to speak there.

This is a lovely stately home near Edinburgh called Hopetoun house, with great grounds and lovely trails through the woods and along the Firth of Forth we met one of my friends from university here with her kids. Great place for the kids to run around and they serve high tea, slow service though but good cakes.

Today we visited Cambo House another grand home, that lets you tour the walled Victorian Garden and has lovely wooded trails filled with wild garlic and access to a small beach near the golf course. The gardens are also famous for snow drops in the spring. My Dad was in his element catching crabs and little shrimp in the rock pools with the kids. Magic moments and memories to cherish for sure.

Hope your all having a great week, be sure to follow our adventures on twitter, facebook and also vine.
Remember to stop and smell the flowers

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  1. Enjoy your time in Scotland and have a awesome time at your brother's wedding.


  2. Beautiful places Rebacca, Looks like you had a good time.

  3. That lawn - GREAT place for the kids to run around!

  4. Lovely! makes me want to go back :) have a wonderful trip!

  5. Oh Rebecca...the pictures are awesome...I am glad that your family are having a great time.

  6. What a wonderful place! I love that pic of your dad and son walking too :) Enjoy the wedding!

  7. I've been to Scotland many years ago and I was so much touched by the Scottish hospitality! I have only good words to say about these warm hearted people. Your pics are beautiful and they reminded me of the beauty of this country!

    1. They really are lovely folks :-) hope you get back to visit soon hugs

  8. Lovely photos Rebecca and I love the one of the two "boys" too :-) Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  9. Such a wonderfull trip....
    Lucky you!

  10. Hi Rebecca, even though I have not been blogging since my parents in January, I have enjoyed looking at all your posts. See you and your family always makes me smile. Thanks! XOXO Lyndsey

  11. I'm sure you guys are enjoying scenic Scotland! The last photo of your son reminding all of us to stop and smell the flowers -- so cute and such a great advise :)

    Have fun my dear!

  12. What a beautiful place. Great advice in the last picture of your wee one.

  13. Such beautiful photos :) looks like a wonderful trip!

  14. Oh Rebecca - thanks for sharing these lovely pics and reminding me how beautiful Scotland is! I miss it and the people :-)



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