Monday, June 17, 2013

Snap shots of England

We are in our last couple of days in England seeing hubby's family :-) before flying back. As an expat living in America for 10 years it really doesn't get any easier for me. Funny the home sickness is a chronic condition there's always a special connection with my homeland despite the unpredictable weather it's the land I grew up in and feels familiar. Love hearing the British accents and paying in pounds, hanging out with family and sipping tea. 

 Strolling around ancient cities where generations of people have walked before and soaking it all up. 

Today we enjoyed an afternoon in Cambridge 

I would move back in a heartbeat but our life is now in America and America has been good to us. I love America with its friendly people and diverse climates and landscapes our two darling kids are born there and are American.  In the park in Oslo I pointed out that there was a stature of Abraham Lincoln to our daughter and she smiled and asked for me to take a picture next to her countries history. 

I don't think I will ever stop missing home but must learn to embrace my new one better as the sun sets and rises maybe each is a chapter in a new place filled with new adventures and friends to make .

Where is home to you ?

Hugs Rebecca 

Enjoy looking  back at what has been but look forward to what is to come with excitement and a sense of anticipation 


  1. Home is always home. Nothing feels quite like home.

    I think it is totally cool that Oslo has a statue of Abraham Lincoln.


  2. I agree with Velva. Lincolns statue in Oslo, very cool :)

  3. The cobblestone roads are so European and I love it!

  4. Home is where the heart this case it sounds like you have two. :)

  5. you must have had a grand time being back in your childhood home!

  6. Wonderful photos, looks like a lovely time.



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