Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tour of Reynolda House Winston Salem

I enjoyed a lovely tour of Reynolda House this morning with my parents I have always meant to tour this historic home in Winston Salem, its a landmark and full of history for some reason I had no idea it was more than an art gallery its a big property with gardens, walking trails and a delightful historic house owned by The Reynolds family. Its complete with majestic rooms, furniture, art from great American artists along the centuries, garments and cutlery and even a bowling alley, squash court and cocktail bar in the basement. I tweeted along the way and thought I would share the tweets as it gives a snapshot to the place. I highly recommend a visit.

  1. 3 hrsRebeccaSubbiah RD ✈ ‏@chowandchatter
    Love the sun porch ;-) I need one in my home ;-) 
  2. She made a beautiful estate self sustained with a farm and gardens forward thinking for her time 
  3. Wow Katharine married at 25 to RJ who was 55 

  1. This place is Winston salem's downton abbey ;-) 
  2. doesn't this look like what they wear in Downton Abbey 

    The organ goes into the ceiling and has over 2000 pipes hidden pretty amazing 
  3. They had grand concerts in the reception hall and they got married here 

  1. My parents from Scotland loved the furniture inspired by Charles Rennie mackintosh 
  2. The family even had a private kitchen where they baked and learnt household chores Sunday evening servants were of
  3. The food was grown in the gardens and the dairy from the farm he he they even caught squirrel ! 
  4. Meals were prepared in the basement kitchen then brought up to the butlers kitchen and kept warm in the steam table 

  1. Katharine Reynolds made her own wedding dress 
  2. Katharine Reynolds was very keen on sanitary conditions sanitizer a and separate bathrooms per bathroom 

There is a wonderful exhibition highlighting glamor photography of the 1920's well worth a visit :-)

the swimming pool 

In other news me and some other registered dietitians had healthy family recipes featured in the local paper, complete with interviews mine is the last one I am giggly :-)
What Nutritionists Eat 
Its National Registered Dietitians Day be sure to give one a hug today 


  1. Looks like nice place to visit Rebecca.

  2. congrats on the feature Rebecca! U know only the other day I was telling hubs about Salem, as I remembered the cigarette ad so many years ago, and now ur posting this. so deja vu! Thank u for sharing.

  3. Yay you! Excited that you contributed to the article. Happy dietitians day to you and your colleagues Rebecca. (I work with some dietitians, but they're not huggers...:) ) I don't fit it...hugs for all!! And thanks for sharing these photos. Gorgeous!!!

  4. Thank for the tour. It was fab. And I also read the interview. Very interesting and informative. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Looks like a great museum.
    And congratulations on featuring in the local newspaper, Rebecca.



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