Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chocolate and Whisky Truffles

After I made the Yule Log, I got the Christmas treat making bug :-), my friend visited me the other day and she was mentioning all the goodies she plans to make with her kids to gift folks. I figured I would make something special for her, my first time making chocolate truffles and it was a success, they were so good, I had to take them to her house quickly as it was hard to stop nibbling. I made the truffles with a lovely whisky called The Laddie Ten, made by Bruichladdich Distillery on The Isle of Islay. 

Even dietitians enjoy sweet treats over the holidays and did you know that on average most folks only gain 0.8 lb over the holidays per The National Institute of Health, my friend @eatingpermitRD - Julie tweeted this yesterday. I say enjoy this time of year and the tradition of baking with friends and family gift most of it and eat what you want on Christmas day its just a day :-) 


  • 1/2 cup of heavy cream
  • 8 oz of good quality dark chocolate a minimum of 70% cocoa
  • 2 tablespoon of whisky
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa powder for coating the truffles 

  1. bring the cream to a simmer, takes a while
  2. once it is slightly bubbling remove from heat, mix in the whisky 
  3. add to chocolate that has been broken into small pieces in a mixing bowl, slowly stir and allow it to melt and become a smooth paste. This is called ganache. 
  4. once mixed, let it cool and put into the refrigerator for 2 hours
  5. remove and use a small spoon to take a little out at a time and roll into balls gently placing onto a baking sheet with grease proof paper, try not to handle too much, it melts fast
  6. coat the balls in cocoa powder 
  7. allow to sit in fridge until needed. 

The little orange in the picture with the candle and fruits is called a Christingle I used to make this as a child in The Church of England at the holidays, the candle would be lit and we would walk around the church. This one was made with Jasmine stay tuned for more details :-) 

So if your looking for an easy last minute gift for a dear friend why not give this a try they will give you a hug for it. 

Much Love 

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  1. Lovely truffles! Love that u added whisky. That would keep me warm in this cold winter :D

  2. They were delicious :) hand made gifts from good friends are my favorite and make them taste that much better.

  3. What a lovely treat. And love that even dieticians enjoy treats in moderation. It really is all about balance. Happy holidays Rebecca

  4. Mmm...these look so yummy! And, I love the Christingle you made with Jasmine-I bet it smells wonderful too!

    1. It was fun to make love introducing her to items from my childhood

  5. aah these truffle sounds and look wonderful Rebecca!!xo

  6. Those truffles looks irresistible. Beautifully done.

  7. I adore truffles! How delicious with a little whiskey mixed in. Glad to hear dieticians enjoy treats too :)

  8. Wonderful gift for Christmas! Even if it would be a gift for myself :D

  9. This is delicious grown up christmas gift.

  10. My godmother used to make rum balls every Christmas; very similar to yours. Good treats.

    1. so pleased I have made them :-) good to be in the number he eh

  11. Very tasty treats are worth it during the holidays. I like to save my calories for treats like this!



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