Friday, May 18, 2012

The Hatch - Street Kitchen and Kings College

So we arrived in London safely the kids did great on the flight, but honestly the first day was rough as both had jet lag, but are getting back into a sleep routine. Yesterday we had lunch at The Street Kitchen - The Hatch.

 I have been following on twitter for a year now and love the concept, one is a mobile food truck and this one a small kiosk serving locally sourced organic food, made by cool chefs. 
There is seating at the doodle bar next door and as it's simply you and the chefs making the price very reasonable for top notch food. Its traditional British food with pizazz and I highly recommend it. 

It is a little tricky to find though on a side street in Battersea in a ware house type building. I think my bro and sis in law and Mum in law thought where the heck is Rebecca taking us. But once everyone started eating their food they got why :-). In fact my friend Dianne @cherries_r_yum on twitter tweeted pictures of their food one Sunday when they did a pop up restaurant it really impressed me and while only having less than two days in central London it was a must for me!

The menu 

 the cool peeps scooters, it was a very arty area 

braised pork with grilled cauliflower, smoked potato and onion so so good 

a yogurt mousse with apple and crumble little Roshan liked this 

Grilled smoked salmon, greens and pickled beets, my sis in law enjoyed this

The chefs cooking it right in front of you, very nice and super helpful

A traditional hearty meat and vegetable broth with brioche 

Jasmine and her wee cousin doodling in the doodle bar!

Just minutes up the street is a fab organic butcher and produce store called the Butcher and Grill with a cafe. They had the best scotch eggs, and all kinds of in season foods one I just had to get was a pheasant egg, at £1 an egg I just got one for the novelty and will make for my breakie but its small!

Later yesterday I went to give a talk on social media to registered dietitians at Kings College London. Truly an amazing experience that can you believe all came about through twitter!

 me talking, it went well and got some great feedback what a treat to have drinks and meet dietitians here in my homeland afterwards.

We drive up to my Grandparents house in a little while and I can't wait to see them and have tea and cake and let them meet Roshan for the first time and see how much Jasmine has grown. 

Hugs from the UK



  1. Grill smoked salmon looks mouthwatering.
    Look forward to reading more about your stay in London.


  2. That salmon looks amazing! Did your little man sleep the whole trip? We are making the trip to the UK in October, and my little guy will be seven months, so I'm trying to figure out how it will go :)

  3. A lovely trip for you all! That food stall with the tasty foods looks a good eating place!

    Good for you that you taught class in King's college! Happy times!

  4. thanks Angie not sure if we will be in London again though, Orlando foodie they did OK but jet lagged first couple of days but don't worry u will be fine, sophie thanks :-)

  5. hopr all of you feel well and have a nice time Rebecca:)

  6. Dianne @cherries_r_yumMay 20, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    Was amazing to meet you Rebecca, and your presentation was great - so many dietitians that attended seem to be signing up to social media, you have had a positive influence on the profession here in the UK.

    Love the photos of the awesome food at the Hatch - so pleased you got there, when you had so little time. I hope you get back to London soon (selfish comment!) and most importantly enjoy the rest of your vacation. :)

    1. thanks Dianne so great to meet you your lovely :-) I will be back i am sure at some point

  7. Oh how fun - it's amazing what you can discover on the web. Love that it lived up to the hype!

  8. What an amazing trip!!! have a great time,Rebecca!

  9. Hi Rebecca. OMG, my Mom worked at Kings College when she was about 20. She's in her 70's now. I'm going to get her to have a look at the post and see the pics. Hope you are doing well over in the U.K.!



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