Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Asti Italy a Gem

We visited a lovely little town called Asti Italy in the Northern Piedmont region and I would say its a gem. Especially as the Italians holiday there and it's all about the food and local wine. Here's a little tour :-)

Me sipping wine the first evening proud of kids even after the drive and a late set of from Nice because we had to find a place to buy a car seat as the rental company had run out!!

It was our wedding anniversary that evening 9 years.

The town at night

The pretty countryside

Love Poppy's

The b n b we stayed in just outside town good price and great with kids :-)

Kids playing in Nice Jasmine even made some French friends :-)

Pasta with eggplant so good kids liked this

Hubby's swordfish

Camermello Gelato love Italians love of gelato

Milan here now but being honest we are tempted to head on and stay in lake como today.

Got to love cappuccino here

Onto lake Garda and maybe combo and through mountains to Munich before flying home!, sorry if I am not able to read all your blogs at present just have wifi as able and paying here :-)

Love and hugs Rebecca

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  1. Everything looks so good! No wonder that place is a gem.

  2. Happy wedding anniversary love, and no better way that to celebrate with holiday and good food! Hope you had fun:-)

  3. It looks so nice...yum...yes! gotta love the gelato and cappuccino!

  4. Glad to hear the kids are doing well with the travels! Another beautiful place you visited. The shot of the town at night is gorgeous!

    1. thanks was a lovely town that one hope to return one day

  5. Hi Rebecca! I'm having fun getting caught up on your recent travel adventures. We visited Bath with the kids 4 yeas ago-such a pretty town. I haven't been to Nice or Asti, but they look lovely as well. So glad you're having fun , and your little travelers are behaving well :-)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful time! I would love that cappuccino and gelato:)

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. Really enjoy reading about your adventures and the kids are making all more special.

  8. The pasta and the gelato look delicious! Thanks for sharing,Rebecca!

  9. Happy Anniversary and I'm so glad you're having a fabulous holiday. You deserve the rest.

    Now email me some of that gelato please.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Yeah! :)
    Wonderful pics & it looks that you all had a great time together in Italy & Nice!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Rebecca! What beautiful pictures - look like you are having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing:) XOXO, Steph



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