Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oatmeal Pancakes

I adore pancakes for breakfast and these oatmeal pancakes are truly a gem,  I was inspired by a recipe in the LA Times Food section, another Newspaper I enjoy especially their cooking tips video tutorials. You grind oatmeal in a grinder and add to pancake mix, I used a coffee grinder and the really good thing is you get whole grain cereal :-) 


makes about 6 small pancakes
  • one cup of ground oats
  • one cup of self raising flour
  • about a cup of milk or enough to make a nice batter
  • one egg 
  1. grind the oats and mix with the flour
  2. add the egg and milk and use a hand blender to mix into a batter 
  3. heat a hot pan with a little canola oil and cook, they make nice fluffy pancakes
  4. perfect with maple syrup and fresh fruit 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :-)

my froggie sous chef 

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