American Culinary Federation SE 2/20/12

Today I had the chance to attend the American Culinary Federation South East Conference in Winston Salem. I was approached and given a press pass to attend what a thrill. Here's a vlog post sharing my experience and some photo's. 

A low sodium South Western salad to demonstrate that low sodium doesn't mean low taste

Meet Richard Cusick from Chocolate academy the worlds largest chocolate producer. 

The mozarella caprese challenge, fun to see chef's at work

Sweet guy from Marshall NC goats cheese producer 

Me and the chefs!

Filleting a sturgeon fish

NC cheeses

oh la la cheese samples from around the world

me wearing my badge :))

These amazing sculptures are made from sugar!

Coffee :-) 


  1. Did you have a chance to try one of the mozarella caprese? Those sugar sculptures looks so light, I would be afraid to breath around them. Cheeses from around the world? It's from my department: love, love, love cheese, good cheese. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun! And with all that cheese, I'd have been in heaven... I'm not sure there would have been any samples left by the time I was through ;)

  3. Marina oh sorry didn't get to taste those :-), only the judges did Javelin he he i know cheese is one of my weaknesses too

  4. Wow Rebecca - what a lovely experience. Don't you wish you were a judge also?

  5. Claudia oh that would be cool but not qualified enough :-)

  6. How fun. I would love to have gone. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience Rebecca.

  7. TOTALLY agree with what you said in the video, love when you do those by the way- very informative :)
    chefs + dietitians= terrific combination!!

  8. Oh how fan Rebecca! Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I'm too shy to go to this kind of event but I enjoy checking out how you are doing there. :-)

  9. Congratulations!!!!You so deserve this honor. Would have love to be ther; thank you so much for sharing your adventure.

  10. Ooh what a cool opportunity, Rebecca!! I love trips like this. I'm glad they asked deserve it!

  11. What an exciting experience. I'm really envious!

  12. what a fun experience!! i'd be found at the cheese table :)

  13. What a blast. I would love to get at that cheese!

  14. Teresa he he thats a fun place, Angela :-) Angie :-)


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