Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aloo Saag

I recently learnt how to make aloo saag a North Indian dish with potato and spinach and wondered why I hadn't made it before its easy to make and super tasty. Maybe not the prettiest of dishes but when its served like this who wouldn't want to tuck in. I made it with chapatti love making these as Jasmine helps me roll them, like play dough for toddlers.
Here's an old post with tips and a fun picture of her with food all over the floor! and a you tube tutorial 

  • 1/2 red onion chopped
  • 2 large potatoes, cubed
  • one bunch of spinach chopped or a bag 
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger/garlic paste
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala
  • olive oil 
  • salt to taste 

  1. saute the ginger/ garlic paste, with a little olive oil, add onion and cumin seeds for a few minutes
  2. then add the turmeric, and potatoes stir fry for 3 minutes add a lid and about 1/2 cup of water and cook/steam for 5 minutes 
  3. then little by little add the spinach it will reduce down
  4. then add the masala powder, salt to taste and continue to cook 5- 10 minutes until soft. 
This is a wonderfully simple Indian dish and super healthy it pairs beautifully with chapatti. We ate it with dal, okra and chapatti a fab vegetarian Indian meal. 

So go on dive in :-)

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  1. delicious looking combination of flavour

  2. Love how it makes you want to "tuck in." Nothing's better than that on cold days!

  3. I love how Jasmine helps in the kitchen. I can totally see her food blogging soon like her mommy :)

  4. Great recipe! I've tried this before but never made it. Will definitely give your recipe a go!Love your helper too :-)

  5. A much loved subzi at our place. I have it in my drafts too , a slightly different version.

  6. how cool that jasmine helps out in the kitchen, looks great!!

  7. Anything with spinach is interesting for me.

  8. Wow! A perfectly made Pakistani dish!And I am so impressed with your chapatis :)

  9. I love the education on Indian food, so healthful AND delicious.

  10. It's wonderful how Jasmine loves to help her mommy in the kitchen preparing such wonderful dishes!

  11. Yum! What a great dish!

  12. This creamy spinach dish is one I never miss when I go to the restaurant for Indian food. Yours with potato looks yummy!

  13. Oh wow, this does look simple and I think it looks delicious as well! I love meals like this, where you scoop and mix diff things, with a delicious chutney, yummm!

  14. Looks delicious. I rarely eat at Indian restaurants but if I do, I will usually order this.

  15. A completely new dish to me. Looks mouthwatering!

  16. Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare and delicious!

  17. This looks delicious, Rebecca. I love to try new recipes and I can find all the ingredients in my local market. Thanks for the recipe.

  18. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to try more Indian food :)

  19. Gloria thanks
    Torview thanks so much
    Reshmi :-)
    Claudia so true
    Yuri he he lets see
    EA thanks hope u like it
    Sangeeta will have to learn yours
    vianney thanks yep hope it makes her like cooking
    Rita :-)
    zee thanks so much and thanks for visiting
    Doc pleasure
    Susan thanks i think so too
    yummychunklet thanks
    Nelly oh thanks wish u could come for dinner
    Biren :-) now u can make it
    baking addict good taste
    angie thanks and new for you I thought u knew it all he eh '
    kalyan thanks
    cathy pleasure
    sandi enjoy

  20. I love saag and always assumed it was super hard to make. I will give it a whirl.

  21. i have been fascinated with indian curries lately. would i completely change this dish if i were to use winter squash or sweet potato?

  22. Lauren you will rock it
    Junia not sure to be honest the starch in regular spuds thickens it



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