Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rose Milk

We made rose milk recently, its a popular drink in India and a lot of friends and family members have fond memories of drinking it growing up. I brought some natural rose essence at the store and this drink sprang to mind, you can also buy rose syrup at the Indian store, although it has artificial coloring in it. 
We had fun with this and called it Princess milk, I boiled some tapioca pearls let them sit in a little beet root juice to make them pink and used blended raspberries to get a healthy natural color. The pearls make it like bubble tea :-)


  • 2 cups whole milk or lower percentage this was for my toddler
  • a couple of drops of rose essence
  • about 8 raspberries pureed
  • a handful of tapioca pearls 
  • a little beet root juice 
  • sugar to taste about a tablespoon

  1. boil tapioca pearls for 10 minutes until soft and rinse, allow to sit in a little beet root juice for 5 minutes until pink and set aside
  2. add pureed raspberry and sugar to milk, with rose essence 
  3. pour over tapioca pearls.
  4. enjoy with a little princess

she even put on a Princess dress to drink it :-)

Anyone got any more good recipe ideas for rose essence?

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  1. What a lovely drink! Pink is definitely a princess' favorite color :)

  2. I love the color in this! And the bubbles, so fun :) I need to check out one of the local grocery stores on campus and see if they have rose essence. Thank you for the awesome drink recipe! :)

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous!!! I have never had rose water, but would love to try it:-) I agree, better to make your self, no need for artificial colors:-p Hugs, Terra

  4. Love the Princess milk and the little princess drinking it ;) Another wonderful peek into Indian culture and food, Rebecca.

  5. Your little princess is adorable!

  6. Ah this yummy rose milk makes me want a lassi right now!

  7. The sweetest, prettiest idea. A perfect fit for your sweet, rosy princess.

  8. I just love the color...and the tapioca pearls! I think it's totally worthy of donning a princess dress. Or perhaps a tiara! I want to make this!

  9. We had a spot in Victoria where we go so I can enjoy bubble tea. Now I can make this at home;so pretty.I am sure Jasmine must love this treat.

  10. Yuri thanks
    big fat baker oh my pleasure hope u like it
    Terra thanks and so true on the coloring
    Susan thanks love learning cultures
    Beth thanks
    yummy chunklet oh love lassi too
    claudia :-) was a fun activity
    Heather you can do with your Princess
    Rita was fun she liked it :-)

  11. What a beautiful pink drink! Perfect for little princess!

  12. oh how fun! i've never had anything like this, but it looks wonderful!

  13. eeeY! Rebecca love this, look delicious and lovely:)

  14. Yum, I love it, sure reminds me of bubble tea. I have some rose essence that I would love ideas for too. I made a drink with Thai basil seeds, and rose. I'll keep checking back for more ideas!

  15. Awww I love that you called it Princess Milk. How adorable!!! Pink is definitely a princess colour.

  16. Melanie :-)
    Teresa :-) I think so too
    Gloria :-)
    lyndsey will let u know if I get any ideas
    jennifer :_) for sure

  17. Oh she is so cute!! I love this, perfect for Valentine day. Thanks!!

  18. Rose milk looks delicious. Jasmine is really cute.

  19. I know she loved her princess milk...I never use rose essence, but I do use sharbat rooh afza to make a lassi sometimes...and it's also good with vodka and 7 up :D

  20. I've never made anything with rose water before, but this looks like a great place to start! Your little princess looks lovely! I miss those princess days :-)

  21. What a beautiful drink,Rebecca! Love the color.

  22. Lov this,nice aromatic drink..

  23. I've never heard of rose milk before but it looks beautiful - I can only imagine the flavour! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Three this post! Take care Rebecca!!!

  25. vianney oh now this would be a fun drink for valentines
    Swathi :)
    Bo oh that sounds like a fun drink
    EA u will love it
    erica :-)
    VM thanks
    Ruth pleasure
    Roz :))

  26. The princess in her dress & her lovely rose drink look lovely!
    That rose essence drink looks so tasty & festive!

    Perfect for girls to drink!
    You also could use rose essence in your cakes & desserts!



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