Craft: Paper Bag Lantern

Here's another fun craft idea how to make a lantern from a paper bag

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Other good news is that big sister is getting on better with her little brother we all face painted each other last night well he was sleeping (poor lil guy) but she felt like she was playing with him :-)

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  1. Paper Bag Lantern luks luvly Dear.Ur kids luk sweeeet.Hope ur son will get well soon.

  2. We used to do paper bag lanterns for the holidays. Fun times. You have so much ahead!

  3. Dajana yep i think so too :-)
    my kitchen flavors hes well i mean being friends with his sis
    Claudia excited
    Brownieville girl :)

  4. How fun! I remember doing these types of crafts when the boys were young :)
    Hope you are all well, hugs


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