Carrot and Coriander Soup

Here's another soup for you, posted before but since its soup season and this is one of my favorites I thought I would share the link again :-), I also made my first chowder recently and learnt from the facebook page that there are two kinds New England white clam chowder, milk based and Manhattan red broth with tomatoes added. I love the facebook page for the blog, linking travel and food articles and chatting there, learn so much from everyone feel free to join in the banter there too :-)

We all watched puss in boots last night fun movie :-)

Ever wondered about foraging, join me this morning at 12.30am EST as I talk to Michaela Ballman @nutrispeaking she recently did a course on it. With restaurants like Noma in Denmark regarded as the Worlds best restaurant being well known for foraging for menu items per Noma's website

We comb the countryside for berries and herbs that others would not bother with and work with foods that aren’t part of any system of formalised cultivation and consequently cannot be obtained through ordinary channels of distribution.

Here's an interview with the chef:


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  1. Sure looks good; I have never had coriander iin carrot soup; vvery tempting.

  2. Looks like a delicious soup! My kids and I saw Puss and Boots last week-loved it :-)

  3. Soups are the best for this time of the year. Your carrot and coriander soup looks delicious! Puss in Boots is such a cute movie!

  4. It's orange. It's creamy. It's November. And it's NOT pumpkin! (That said, I love pumpkin). Love the idea of coriander with the carrots. Adds just a hint of citrus. I bet cumin would be good to but I will try this recipe in it's purest form first! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Looks delicious. I want to take the kids to see Puss in Boots. Glad to have a good review. Big giveaway on my blog today, if you want to stop by.

  6. Que buen platito me gusta como te ha quedado

  7. I agree with Rita -- the addition of coriander to this soup is quite intriguing.

  8. It's always interesting to hear the folks from both chowder camps talking about what they like. Creamy, New England style is the best. Your soup looks super creamy. The flavor combination is great too.

  9. Woops! That comment about the creamy and white chowders is our's. Clicked too fast. :)

  10. this is so perfect at this time of year. you know i can smell that gorgeous soup from here.
    i love anything soup!

    have a great day!

  11. A classic typical combo that never bores me! a great & lovely tasty soup!

    My cousin has visited Noma before & he loved it so much! A very special visit!

  12. Carrot and coriander...yum...sounds delicious:)

  13. Heard about that restaurant. Sounds very cool.
    Soup season here, yes!!! Bring on the spices, cream and hand blender :)

  14. The coriander and carrots are the perfect pairing - the soup is light and lusty. The interview was a delight - I love the "pact with nature" quote - he is so rooted to the food.

  15. Rita you will love it
    EA such a fun movie isn't it
    Biren yep love soups in cooler weather
    Spice Sherpa thanks so much and thanks for tweeting it krysta on my way :-)
    jose gracias
    rosemary hope you give it a try
    duo dishes oh I like the creamy one
    betty oh thanks you too
    sophie oh wow lucky him :-)
    Raina thanks

  16. Ilke he he love what you wrote
    Claudia so pleased you enjoyed it :-)

  17. A fab combo, perfect for the weather!

  18. The soup looks the flavors! Could not load the video from here but am going to watch on UTube :) Hope you are well along with the family, hugs

  19. That is so funny, I just commented on Gloria's blog that I saw a carrot and cilantro soup yesterday that I wanted to make. Then I saw her carrot soup and now yours. Looks like I must make it now! :)

    Of course not really soup weather here, we are having beautiful weather...83 and we got our humidity back(I like it humid). This weekend it is supposed be drier and right around 80 degrees, still sounds nice! Perfect for walking the beach ;)

    See you around!

  20. Yummy soup and the blend of carrot and coriander is superb!

  21. Oooh...I love that favourite. It's especially good for a cold day. I haven't watched Puss in Boots. Must get my girls to watch together. I'm sure they will love it too. Trust you are doing well and having fun with your kids. Take care and hope you have a wonderful day.

  22. Love the color of your soup. So bright!

  23. Hi Rebecca, I'm so behind in my posts...just catching up. Love the soup recipe, the rice and the mousse! So many recipes to bookmark. Thanks so much!!

  24. Loosk awesome! Love the color. I am all about soups and now that it is getting very cold up here in northern Japan I am making soups as often as possible. I like to make it and then use it for lunches.

  25. so delicious, i've always wanted to try a carrot soup!

  26. aipi thanks
    magic of spice oh sorry about clip hope your also well alisha
    lyndsey see you soon :-)
    supata thanks so much
    Mary oh your girls would love the movie doing well just so tired
    yummy chunklet :-)
    Roz oh thanks so sweet you bookmark them
    Melinda oh stay warm and teach us some Japanese soups :-)
    teresa you will love it


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