Thursday, April 7, 2011

The North Island - NZ

Hi all so we are now in the last few days of our big Australia and New Zealand adventure and what a fun time its been. We landed in New Zealand on Monday and got a $400 fine as I accidentally forgot about an apple in our little ones snack bag in the main luggage. I totally respect the reason but felt the fine was harsh after the shock and upset we tried to make the most of being in The North Island. We stayed in Auckland a couple of days, nice city although not unlike any other city. We took the local ferry to Devonport pretty little seaside town and played in the park and hung out at local library to shelter from the rain. The local ferries in both Australia and New Zealand are an awesome and cheap way to travel.

This was a great lamb pie I got the first day in Auckland. 

View of Devonport

Then on Wednesday we hired a little car and drove 6 hrs South to stay in a beautiful farm near Havelock North. These are pictures of steam rising from the ground in the mountains!, this is different from the UK. I love the countryside here very much like the Lake District in Northern England and Scotland, also the Kiwi's make a good cup of tea :-)

This is me, Ros the owner of the farm and Jasmine this morning - this was a magical experience despite the long drive she was an amazing host, a former cattle and sheep farmer and also a World traveler. The old farm house sure was chilly last night though he he 

Me driving the little hire car. 

What an adventure we have had full of laughter and memories. I would say personally due to distance and expense I would holiday in my homeland the UK as its just as pretty and my family is there. 

Missed wifi on a regular basis free at home and reading all your blogs, will catch up with you all in a few days back home.

Much Love 

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