Dropped Scones

These little dropped scones or mini American style pancakes are a fun thing to snack on for afternoon tea and are great for little toddlers to munch on. You can make a batch ahead of time and they will keep for a couple of days.  You will find these in most British grocery stores and we got some in New Zealand as well.  I guess since its the big wedding fun to share a British recipe, I am happy for them, but not getting up at 4 am to watch it would struggle for my own family he he its cool the UK has a long weekend for it though :-) 

Weddings are indeed fun and I love attending them its just a day though the key is focusing on love and working through the good and the bad times as a team.  Always remember you love your partner and forgive for the small things in the end you can't even remember what all the little fights were about! My hubby was just saying that to me last night :-)


  • 8 oz of self raising flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • one egg
  • one tablespoon of sugar
  • about a cup of milk
  • butter and jam or honey to serve 

  1. mix egg, flour, sugar and milk together until you get a nice batter for pancakes
  2. heat a pan add a little canola oil and drop a little batter onto the pan cooking a couple at a time, basically they are mini pancakes cook one side then flip :-)
  3. enjoy with a nice cuppa :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone 


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  1. these are cute little treats. i would have have to make mine bigger reb haha.
    i hope you had a great day!

  2. They look so soft and fluffy! Drool-worthy bf/snack dish, Rebecca!

  3. I have never heard pancakes called dropped scones...but no matter the name, they look great! So fluffy :D I do love pancakes in all forms!

  4. I have lectures and supervisions the whole day of the royal wedding (even thought the Duke of Edingburgh is the chancellor of our university, we don't get a day off at Cambridge :(

    But I'd happily eat these instead!

  5. These scones look delicious, gloria

  6. Loved the name- they look so fluffy n light, I would like to indulge in these right NOW!
    US Masala

  7. Malou he he sure will make a big one for you my friend
    Cool Lassie :-)
    Girlichef oh me too
    Xinmei so sorry you don't get the day of
    Gloria thanks so much
    Aipi come over

  8. They do look like pancakes! I am making them for our little grandson and he loves them :)

    I won't be getting up at 4:00 am either! There will be many highlights, I'm sure.

    I love your advise - so true.

  9. They look fantastic, Rebecca. So fluffy and cute :)

  10. Do you have more? I don't think those are enough for me. :o) Btw, love your lovely new photo on the side. Hoe you'll have a fabulous weekend.

  11. Pancakes being called dropped scones :) Are they crisp or soft n fluffy as they look ..
    Looking beautiful n perfect BTW ..

  12. There is a long weekend in UK for the wedding ??!! amazing :)
    These pancakes looks very pretty but i never knew they are called scones too !

  13. They look so fluffy and delicious! I've decided to make this tomorrow morning! Thanks for inspiring me (A LOT)! Haha. Can't wait....

  14. Que rico, esto con un poquito de chocolate, jejej.


  15. These are so cute! I love pancakes!

  16. They look cute. Though we are big people we still make at home some small cute ones for both of us. Just for fun.

  17. These look adorable. I love the tip of the hat to the royal wedding. I guess I could turn the tv on now...

  18. I'm seeing lots of scone in honor of the wedding :) Love them all!!

  19. These are darling! I can think of so many wonderful toppings/dips!

  20. Even I m not so enthusiastic about staying up late.If it would have been during the day, I would have watched.You hubby has given gem of a advice :)
    These look so fluffy Rebecca.I often make pancakes for weekend breakfast, would try these too!

  21. The perfect treat for a sweet day. I hope the young royals have a lot of dropped scones in their future.

  22. Royal wedding fever everywhere...;).

    The pancakes look delicious and very fluffy!

  23. Love these cutie pancakes. I heard about dropped scones not tried yet.

  24. Hi Rebecca. I wish I'd made this to snack on while I watched the Royal Wedding today! :) Nobody does pomp, ceremony and SCONES like the British!!! Have a great weekend!

  25. Those look delicious...seemly perfect for combining with berries :)

  26. oh my gosh, these look wonderful, i want to gobble those up!

  27. Savoring time in the kitchen thanks and your grandson will enjoy them hugs
    chef pandita thanks
    Kristy aw thanks and sure will make some more for you
    Sangeeta thanks
    Kankana only this type of pancake, thinner ones are pancakes
    Nami oh thats neat enjoy
    Jose thanks
    yummychunklet oh me to
    sailor nice idea
    Lauren he he
    the food hound its a big deal :-0
    claire oh toppings could be endless he eh thanks for stopping by
    Tanvi and so easy to make your a pro in the kitchen compared to me
    claudia :-)
    cooking gallery thanks
    indie.tea oh great idea
    teresa smiles

  28. this is similar like what I did for pancake, did not know it actually call as dropped scones..yum yum!

  29. Ooo, looks so fluffy! I also didn't know it is called dropped scones.

  30. Had no idea dropped scones were actually pancakes, Rebecca. These look fluffy, unlike scones.
    The wedding was lovely...I knew we would see it in repeats all day yesterday so didn't get up.

  31. I love this sweet little American pancakes,looks great!

  32. These look delish...I am on a constant quest for little afternoon munchies!

    xx Cat brideblu

  33. Those scones look so cute and fluffy, R!

  34. We made some pancakes yesterday...my husband had it for supper, and some for breakfast this morning. They are just great!

  35. Cute scones! I have never seen these before. I like your comments about marriage-so true! I didn't watch the Royal Wedding yesterday, but we did go to a post wedding dinner for our good friends last night. They had a small wedding by the mayor yesterday so they are married in the US, but the real big wedding is in Oxaca Mexico at the end of May and we are going. Can't wait!

  36. Sonia oh bet yours were great
    Victor only these
    Barbara clever lady you think like me
    always a winner thanks
    Cat he he thanks for stopping by
    Sanjeeta thanks
    Angie he eh sounds like us

  37. EA wow now that will be a cool wedding to attend

  38. Wow ..looks great.I dono from where u guys make this ..nice one

  39. My grandfather used to call these dollar pancakes. We loved them as kids!

  40. We always fit pancakes into our weekend breakfast routine. These are the perfect size for snacking! :)

  41. sheril thanks
    Mother Rimmy oh love your Granddads name for these
    Kim love pancakes

  42. oh these look great! I wish I could have one with my tea right now!

  43. my colleague made similar american pancake with maple syrup...was wonderful thanks for the recipe i'm sure to make it for breakfast!

  44. These are indeed delightful treats and so versatile :)

  45. what a fun and cute snack! :)
    and i didn't get up to watch the royal wedding. i'm sure it was lovely, but i hold sleep pretty important, too. :)

  46. These look totally scrumptious!

  47. nice n cute n fluffy ones.. wonderful snack idea..


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