Thursday, January 22, 2009


New York Governor David Patterson wants to add an 18% Tax on Soda to help combat the obesity epidemic, there's even a video on You Tube by Dr. Daines to promote this But recent reporting suggests its a way to make money from taxes.

While soda consumption contributes to obesity its one issue of many, such as inactivity, emotional eating, overall diet and so on. It boils down to personal choice folks still choose to buy expensive cigarettes despite the health risks and will buy soda also. Why not make fruits and vegetables tax free ?

What do you think please post your comments to start a discussion !

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  1. Hmmm-tax on cola's!I feel it's high time they put a statutory warning on cola's.Something like-"Drinking cola could lead to obesity,kidney problems,osteoporosis,etc".
    Great blog Rebecca :-)



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