Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inspect your house !!

We have recently bought a new house and have been through a home inspection, checking the electrical system, the plumbing and the cosmetic aspects of the home. It got me thinking our souls house is our body. When did we last inspect it !

Not just the cosmetics like our clothing, weight and appearance but the inside. Namely the wiring - nervous system, plumbing - cardiovascular system, Furnace- Metabolism and so on.

So how well is your heart pumping?,are there any blockages ?, how are you stucturally namely your bones, how is your metabolism?
Take a look at your lipid results to avoid plumbing blockages, get your calium and vitamin D, weight bearing exercise to ensure good structure and look at physical activity and regular meals to fire up metabolism.

Schedule a check up with your MD and have a head to toe exam, then if any areas need attention start an action plan. Consider the services of a local dietitian and personal trainer.

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