Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat This Not That Book- My Take on it

The Author of Eat This Not David Zinczenko was on Oprah today a pictorial book giving folks suggestions for healthier food choices. One striking Revelation was that regular bacon is a better choice than turkey bacon as the latter has a bigger salt content. This appearance caused a big response in the Nutrition Entrepreneur Listserv with alot of Dietitians upset that he is not a Nutrition expert and its all just numbers and can get folks confused.

I remember one of my outpatients not long ago recommended this book to me in her case it helped her a lot. Overall it is just another tool to help people make more informed choices, there are many books out there I feel folks have to find the ones that work for them. Along with working with a trusted dietitian to fine turn the advice and weed out the untested stuff.

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