Monday, January 5, 2015

Turks and Caicos: A Photo Series

We recently visited Turks and Caicos over Christmas it was a wonderful Island, the Turquoise waters were mesmerising and it really has some of the World's best beaches. Here are a few photo's from Providenciales the most populated and developed Island. The Islands are under the British crown but very influenced by America and most tourists are American. Most of the resorts are found around Grace Bay but if you desire quieter area's they can be found. We stayed on the South side of the Island in a small villa over looking Flamingo lake. Harbor Club Villa's is a lovely little place run by a very helpful Canadian couple. 

We hired a car so were able to explore the Island and see the diversity of beaches and enjoy the beauty of the water. The only downside for me was the fact that nearly all the food is imported and grocery store prices are very high as a result. Most the the food served in restaurants are American items but if you ask locals and are inquisitive local foods can be found. The local people mostly eat peas and rice and fish and that is one of the jewels of the Islands cuisine fresh tasty seafood. In particular conch a popular item on nearly all menu's and it is cooked in many ways as ceviche, fritters and as chowder. Stay tuned for a local recipe of fish, rice and peas cooked in coconut milk, I learnt from a checkout cashier :-) 

a little baby hummingbird on the hotel property 

The Chalk sound this shallow water on the south side is the most amazing turquoise 

This is a nice stretch of beach called long beach quite rough but great for walks. 

an osprey we saw him catching fish the first night we arrived majestic bird and one of the few animals native to the Islands 

Freshly caught conch 

This lovely little marina was at the back of the Villa's where we stayed it was great for walking, you can walk up the top of the hill for a wonderful view,  its off Venetian road if you visit, they plan to built here and these future mansions will have million dollar views :-) 

 These were priceless moments of a sweet family vacation that I will always cherish 

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