Moments by Rebecca Subbiah


By Rebecca Subbiah

Life is a collection of moments some significant milestones falling in love, marriage, birthdays, first steps, graduations.

Some tiny a summer breeze, the sound of the ocean, a smile. 

These moments and gifts are often not wrapped and placed under a Christmas tree or purchased at a store.

They are free and worth more than all of the worlds riches.

The moment you gaze across a valley from a mountain top and know that the creator of the beauty is also with you enjoying his master piece.

The moment you walk along a beach as the sun sets with loved ones warming your soul with its pink, purple haze its colors lighting up your heart.

The moment you wake to a fiery sunrise full of new beginnings and opportunities.

The moment a child excitedly shares a tale and the magic of an embrace.

The moment you stop and look to the sky on a clear cloudless night below countless stars knowing that our maker knows them all and each of us by name.

The moment when you connect with a friend and feel understood and heard.

The moment a butterfly flutters across your path causing you to pause to admire its beauty and delicate flight.

Savor the moments life's true wealth and joy lies in these slow down and cherish them.


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