Saturday, November 23, 2013

Slow Down...

Slow down...

Slow down embrace the warmth of a sunrise as it beckons in a new day of possibilities 

Slow down to really listen to what your darling child is telling you as you can't afford to miss something great 

Slow down to savor the meal in front of you and the gift of nourishment for your body

Slow down and make time to catch up with a friend there may be hearts to mend 

Slow down to really read social media updates listen to when someone is unwell or not feeling swell

Slow down to see the glory of the seasons and natures radiance 

Slow down don't get trapped by being "busy" even the bees know when to rest 

Slow down enjoy the colors and magic of the sunset pause and be thankful knowing that God will always take the time to listen and just be
taken the other evening by the Yadkin river I took the kids to watch the sunset 

Slow down breath listen to the birds, smell the fall leaves, spring flowers, fresh tomatoes 
Slow down .... 

by Rebecca 

Have a lovely weekend all and hope you get chance to slow down 

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