Puerto Rican Foods to Try

We recently had a chance to visit the lovely Island of Puerto Rico here follows some foods to try if you are ever there or if visiting a Puerto Rican restaurant.  This is just a few I am sure the locals can share many more :-) Puerto rico has its own cuisine and includes Spanish, Taino (The original people of the Island) and west African influences. The best places often only have Spanish menu's but the locals are more than happy to help and love sharing their food. 

Puerto Rico as an Island grows coffee and the locals love it, its great coffee bold and rich in flavor and can be found in all cafe's and in grocery stores to take home 

Some of the best food is to be found along rural roads where you will find small stands selling snacks, often fried but very tasty, this was an empanada one outside of a ladies house. 

The wee man approved :-) 

pretty tree's along country roads 

Chicken, with rice and beans eaten at a local hangout cafe Tompy in Ponce 

 In the small town of La Parguera a place where you can take a small boat to see one of the bio bays, not as bright as Vieques but cheap and easier with kids :-) you can find cheap shrimp kebabs very good. 

This was a BBQ place near the Enterprise car rental near the airport called Bebe its packed with locals and we went after landing good food but huge portions and lots of pigeons that my two liked feeding :-) 

Shrimp Mofongo

A Puerto rican classic, Mofongo its pounded plantain with fried pork skins then stuffed with various fillings, good old comfort food 
Fried whole red snapper with tostones, this was so good 

along the east coast we found some fruit stands, this area was hilly with a cooler climate with many coconut and banana farms. In this small place no one spoke English and I don't think they knew what to make of this Foodie English girl ha. Its always great to pick up fruit from places like this when traveling as its so much tastier than small grocery stores. 
Fresh coconut water :-) we felt like we were in India, my hubbys country 


So if your looking for a beautiful Island, with diverse landscape, and a fun food scene be sure to head to Puerto Rico :-) 



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