Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photographic Tour of Ponce, Puerto Rico

Ponce, is a lovely little town in the South of Puerto Rico, rich in history and boasts a delightful downtown with colorful buildings. The town was settled by the Spanish about 300 years ago, there were native people called the Taino who unfortunately as history often goes are no more. The area was settled to grow and export sugar cane, it was known as white gold and made the Spanish settlers very wealthy. They brought Africans with them to farm and built some impressive buildings and really left a cultural mark on the Island with the language and religion. In the late 1800's America took Puerto Rico in a deal with Spain and entered the Island at Ponce. 

In fact Puerto Rico remains part of America as a Territory and it seems to have been a good relationship for both speaking to the locals. While Puerto Rico is part of America it really is its own special Island with a culture all of its own. The people are a mix of Taino, Spanish and other European settlers and African and the cuisine is quite the fusion as well. 

Lovely pink colors, the town was very quiet as it was a holiday and we later found all the locals on near by beaches :0) 

The Music Museum there is also an art museum the city has been working hard on the museums and picking up Tourism, Old San Juan gets the most

This lovely old house is the history museum and the staff are excellent most of the history I have shared with you I got from a guy in the museum 
You Notice the clear blue skies, Ponce as a region of Puerto Rico is on a dry hot plain. 

An old fire truck in the fire house museum 
The lovely yellow building is a Ramada inn hotel with a first class coffee shop called Lola, highly recommend it Puerto Rico as an Island grows coffee and its really good. The locals tell me they often get relatives to ship it to them if they live abroad. 

The stunning Ponce Cathedral its on a square with fountains, you can sit and watch the world go by with a shaved ice from a local vender they sell this on little carts 

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of Ponce :-) 

and be sure to drive East along the coast for amazing quiet beaches like this along the way.

Stay tuned for more, foods of Puerto Rico and a trip to the Rain Forrest - Magic.


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