Friday, August 23, 2013

Flowers of El Yunque Rain Forest

When we visited Puerto Rico recently we had the joy of seeing the El Yunque National forrest. Its high in the mountains and ran by the National Park service, with well marked and maintained trails, good cafe's in the park and a special opportunity to soak up this special place. It is home to many different tree's, plants and wildlife and I spotted some wonderful flowers to share. Those who know me and follow along on facebook and twitter will know that I post a lot of flower pictures :-) 

We walked in the forest and got soaked but that is part of the fun. The locals were wearing swimming costumes and had towels I think they knew the deal. The forest has 50 species of native orchids and over 150 species of ferns. It also produces 60 billion gallons (605 billion liters) of rain water each year highlighting the importance of conserving rain forests. 

The cascade falls, there are many beautiful waterfalls in the forest 

I loved this sign especially the part "each one in the community is necessary - from the tallest tree to the tiniest insect. Each fulfills its special role in the community, just as you fulfill your own role"

Have a lovely weekend everyone 



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