Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Miracle of Seeds

 In June my kind neighbor Mr. Collins offered to till me another garden area with his tractor. It was a kind gesture and I thought it would be fun to plant corn, sunflowers and pumpkins. We carefully added the seeds and watered through the dry spell to get the plants established before our big trip. It was amazing to watch the plants grow and returning from our trip to see sunflowers, pumpkins and corn. Our neighbors watched the chickens and another farmer friend watered the garden. So Grateful for the good folks and friends we have made in Yadkin county. 
I encourage you to plant some seeds and watch it reminds us of the magic and beauty of nature and Gods creation. 

 Planting the seeds and hoping for the best. 

 corn emerging. 

 I found this today - amazing. I hope to have a pumpkin patch for folks to come and pick their own.

 Butterflies, bees and birds love the sunflowers. 

So happy and if your ever in North Carolina and want to visit Ladybird Farm, drop me a line. 

We had a wonderful trip to the UK, India and Germany seeing friends and family stay tuned for pictures and insights of food culture and travel tips.

Much love 

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