Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cochem, Germany

We recently visited Germany and spent our first night in Cochem along the Moselle river about 1 1/2 hours north of Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a great entry point into Germany and we often stop there en route to India. The scenic town of Cochem was founded in 886, it has a rich history and boosts many historic buildings. The castle is a jewel and sits majestically on the hill high above the town originally built in 1000 by the palatinate count Ezzo. The castle was passed down over the generations, but when  King Louis XIV (called Sun King) invaded the Rhine and the Moselle area it was destroyed and lay in ruins until 1868. Mr. Louis Ravené bought the castle and had it built in Neo-Gothic architectural style. In fact other castles in Germany have a similar history with many being in ruins being bought and restored. 

In many ways Cochem is picture perfect with a the river running through, quaint cobble streets, beautiful architecture and churches and the castle. The castle is a must visit its a steep but accessible walk up from the town and at the top you will be treated to amazing views and an interesting tour of the castle. Our guide only spoke German but I managed to pick up some. In fact this area is mostly a tourist destination for Germans from my observation I didn't hear too many other languages spoken.

Germany has amazing cakes, I have added a few pictures to show. Be sure to sample a few. 

 Flame kuchen or German pizza, is a flat bread topped with bacon, onion and sour cream really good.

You will enjoy strolls along the river, summer is perfect lovely warm weather. 

The castle surrounded by vineyards, this area is also famous for wine as is the Rhein Valley, that I hope to cover in another blog post. 

Wonderful isn't it?


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