Monday, June 16, 2014



by Rebecca Subbiah

Home a dwelling place, a place of well being.

To many a town or geographical location gives reason to stay and call home.
A place with history and connections to the past, memories that last.
To some wanderers and explorers like butterflies flittering from place to place.

We inter marry, fuse cultures and create new identities and stories.
Maybe home dwells within transforming though journeys, culture, exploration with no clear explanation.

Journeys add moments, memories and lessons to the foundations and building of home. 

Be free to roam, carry the sense of home within, embrace wonder and know you have a home in the creators house. 

The world is your home be still and feel the thrill of knowing your sense of belonging is found in the quiet moments of a small voice whispering you are my child.

Home is found in the hugs, smiles and laughter of loved ones, the feeling of being understood.

Be at home with not the location or your vocation but being at ease and at peace and the skill to bloom where planted.

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