Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Badung Food Market, Bali

I simply adore food markets and its one of the joys of travel as a foodie, I will often look them up before going somewhere and ask locals the day they have them to try and visit one. Its a great insight into local cuisine and the day to day heartbeat of a city. I have been tweeting with Helen now for a few years she's a fellow Brit and a dietitian living in Bali always fun to chat with and supportive of other's she blogs at Food and Nonsense . I asked her to take us with her to a local market in Bali so lets go - 

Hi I’m Helen, I'm a UK Dietitian currently enjoying a career break with my husband in Bali.  Like most dietitians, I LOVE food, so when Rebecca asked me to share a photo journal of a food market over here, I jumped at the chance to share a little bit of Balinese culture (and eat a lot of food, obviously).

  Armed with my best Indonesian buddy, a camera and a few handy phrases (bisa saya photo?!) I went in search of food and photos - I hope you enjoy! :)

Balinese Food Markets - A Photo Journal

Despite light speed development over the past 10 years, many of the Balinese choose to shun the shiny new supermarkets that are popping up, in favour of a more traditional way of food shopping - the food market. 

It’s easy to miss this staple of Bali life as markets come to life before dawn, overflowing with fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and flowers for ceremonial offerings, and are mostly over before 10am

Nestled amongst new hotels and developments they are a shining example of one of the traditional ways of Bali life you can still find sitting just below Bali’s new western world veneer.

Here’s a peak inside the Badung market, Bali’s biggest and oldest food market in Bali’s capital, Denpassar.

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If you would like to give us a tour of your favorite food market simply drop me a line ;-) 

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