Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Dixie Classic Fair - can be Healthy :-)

We took the kids to the Dixie Classic fair today in Winston Salem NC, we had a great day and as a dietitian I was thrilled to have meet some lovely Master Gardeners who are promoting local community gardens and resources through the NC cooperative extension. Here's a wee interview below, but was cut short as our daughter was very keen to go on the rides :-) 

There was also a fun magic show with an agricultural and health education component so Rebecca the dietitian was impressed the fair was more than fried food. Although funnel cakes are good once in a while. I guess you know your a dietitian when the highlight of the fair was the homegrown veggies

Lovely master gardener

North Carolina apples 

well you know who this is :-) 

huge sweet potatoes 

amazing green beans and pumpkins the biggest was nearly 800lb!

funny shaped gourds 

large watermelons 
long necked gourds 

a clip of the show :-0)
pretty displays 
loved these decorated pumpkins 

our wee Jasmine having a ball :-) 

What's your favorite thing at the fair?

Have a great weekend all 


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